Aadhaar with PAN linking :-

The due date of linking PAN and Aadhaar number has been extended from 31 March, 2020 to 30th June, 2020.

Union Budget 2019 Highlight :-

Now, PAN & Aadhar Number can be used interchangeabl

What will happen when a person :
-Doesn’t have PAN: Aadhar can be used to file ITR & quote at all the places where PAN is Required.
-Have PAN: Aadhar & PAN needs to be linked first and then any of them can be quoted at the time of filing ITR.

What is the process for getting Aadhar?

In order to get an Aadhaar card, one must have to follow a step by step process and a proper protocol. That is described as follows-

Enrolment Centre

Individuals who willing to enroll for aadhaar firstly needs to locate an aadhaar enrolment center. This can be done online through UIDAI Portal. At visiting the authorized center you must carry your identity and address proof.


When you’ll visit the aadhaar enrolment center, you are required to fill the form for completing the enrolment process. This form can also be downloaded from the internet and fill it later. After a successful filling of the form submit it at the enrolment center.

Data Collection

After the submission of the form, you will have to go through the further process of enrolment. Under it fingerprint scan, iris scan, and the photograph is taken. Fill all the information carefully and double check it at each point.

Acknowledgment Slip

After enrolment, you will receive an acknowledgment slip from the center. In this, an acknowledgment number will be given that can be used for tracking aadhar application status by you and will be useful until you will get the aadhaar card.

Aadhaar Card processing

All this data provided by you will be verified by the UIDAI at the initial level, and after proper verification only you will get the original aadhaar card.

Getting Aadhaar Card

After the successful verification of the aadhaar card, you will get a notification through SMS or email. And it will be sent to your verified residential address.

apply for Aadhaar Card

Who can apply for Aadhaar Card?

Aadhaar Card serves the purpose of identity proof as well as address proof for an individual. Let’s understand who all can apply for aadhaar card-

  • Indian Citizen residing in India
  • Non-resident Indian residing in India
  • foreigner residing in India
  • New borns

What documents are required for Aadhaar Enrollment?

In addition to filling up the aadhaar enrolment form, you are required to submit self-attested copies of other documents such as

  • Proof of address (POA)
  • Identity Proof and (POI)
  • Proof of relationship (POR)
  • Date of Birth Documents

What to do in case of absence of valid Proof of Identity (PoI) and Proof of Address (PoA)?

If you do not have valid proof of address(POA) and valid proof of Identity(POI) then introducer’s service can be taken. The introducer is a person who is appointed by a registrar and have a valid aadhaar card number.

What would be the Aadhaar enrollment process in case of children below 5 years?

In the case of a child being below 5 years of age following points to be followed-

  • Visit the aadhaar enrolment centre
  • Fill the enrolment form and give the aadhaar number of any one of the parents
  • Fill the aadhaar and other demographic details through parents aadhaar
  • No biometric of the child will be recorded, a photograph will be enough to serve the purpose
  • The birth certificate is the mandatory document in such case
  • When the child will turn 15 years of age, biometric and photo updation will be needed again to be updated.
  • Further acknowledgment slip will be provided to you in which enrolment number will be given.
  • You’ll receive the aadhaar card within a few days of submitting the form.

How to locate/search for Aadhar enrollment center?

Aadhaar card office or enrolment center can be searched online. You can do it in any of the two ways

Option 1
  • You can easily locate an Aadhaar enrolment center by visiting UIDAI official website. aadhaar enrollment center
  • An Image as shown above will appear. Make your selection to either search addhar centres by State, Postal Code or Search Box.
  • Enter the asked details under the selected mode
Option 2
  • You can directly get the complete list of nearest aadhaar enrolment centers in your city from here.

What is the fees for applying for the Aadhar Card?

Aadhaar card is totally free of cost and there is no fee that is required to be paid during the enrolment process for Aadhaar. But as far as updating of information at the later stage is concerned the fee is charged at Rs 50 for every updation sought. For detailed fee structure you can refer UIDAI pricing policy.

When can an Aadhaar card application be rejected?

A specific process is followed by UIDAI for the verification of the Aadhar Card for which correction requests have been submitted by the applicants. On the fulfillment of these criteria, UIDAI process the Aadhaar card application further. That means not all the applications get approval from UIDAI for updation. If following things have not mentioned properly then your application may be rejected-

  • Along with the form of verification, required documents should be sent.
  • All the sent documents to the UIDAI must be self-attested
  • Not submission of adequate documents with the form
  • The submitted form should be properly filled and must not include any error

What are the different approaches of Aadhaar Enrollment?

Enrolment for aadhaar is done by the aadhaar enrolment agencies. They work on behalf of the registrars. For Aadhaar enrolment one of the following approaches is adopted by the Enrolment Agencies-

Document-Based Enrolment

Under this Submission of one valid proof of identity and one valid proof of address is required.

Head of the Family Based Enrolment

Under this head of the family introduces his family members by giving documents, it establishes proof of the relationship between them.

Introducer Based Enrolment

Where valid proof of address and identity is not available then introducer’s is given valid leverage.
All of the above-explained approaches require proper biometric, demographic information in detail.

What is aadhaar application or enrolment form?

If you want to get an aadhar you would be required to make Aadhaar enrollment application in the prescribed form. Which is also known as aadhaar enrolment or correction form. The form can be filled online from UIDAI website or you can visit the nearest enrolment or aadhaar card center to fill and submit the form offline.

What information is captured by the government at the time of application of Aadhaar?

Demographic Information-

Date of Birth
Name of parents
Residential address
Mobile number(Optional) and
Email address(Optional)

Biometric Information-

All 10 fingerprints
Facial Images
Scans of both irises

Recent Photograph information is caputured by the government

Can NRI apply for Aadhaar?

Yes, NRI’s can also apply for Aadhaar Card. One thing to be remembered that aadhaar is not proof of Indian citizenship. As per the Aadhaar Act 2016, all the residents can apply for aadhaar number. In simple words, the resident is an individual who is living in the country for 182 days or more in a given year just after preceding the date of application enrolment. Thus if an NRI has lived in the country for 182 or more days in the last year just before the date of application, then he can apply for aadhaar number.
That means a Non-Resident Indian needs to complete his stay of 182 days in the country if he wants to apply for aadhaar.

Can a minor have an Aadhaar Card?

UIDAI has not made any different rules for minors & adults. Thus a minor can also have an aadhaar number.

Is there any age restriction for applying for Aadhaar?

UIDAI has not differentiated between aadhaar for adults or child. Residents can apply for aadhaar at different stages of life by following certain conditions. Residents who have got their aadhaar card before 15 years of age, they are required to get their biometrics and photo updation again after turning 15. If the age of the applicant is less than 5 years, then no biometrics will be recorded. The photograph will be enough.

What will happen in case a person does not have 10 fingers?

In such a case the photo of an applicant shall suffice. The photo (upto shoulder) will be taken with raised hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How long does it take to get Aadhar card after enrollment?

Ans. Normally aadhar card takes 60 days to 3 months to come.

Q- How can I enroll for Aadhar card?

Ans. 1. visit the aadhar enrolment centre
2. Fill the enrolment form
3. Submit the form and documents
4. collect acknowledge slip
5. keep the slip for checking aadhar status.

Q- How can I apply online for my child Aadhar card?

Ans. Firstly visited UIDAI website and go to aadhar card registration link, fill the required form by mentioning the personal details, after giving these details provide the demographic details.now you have to click on the fix appointment button it would fix an appointment at aadhar card enrolment center. After fixing the appointment just go to the office on the date of appointment and provide them the necessary documents. at this center documents along with parents aadhar card is verified. after verification if child is above 5 years old his biometric details is taken and linked to the aadhar card.

Q- When did you enroll for Aadhaar?

Ans. You should enroll for Aadhaar as early as possible as all the services will be Aadhar driven in the near future.

Q- How can I get Aadhar card enrollment center?

Ans. aadhar card enrollment center can be found by following ways:-
1. Visit the UIDAI website
2. Click on locate enrolment & update centers in other cities
3. Select state/ Pin code / search box options
4. Enter your details such as district/ village/ town.
5. If you want to search only permanent centers,
6. Enter the verification code and press the search button
7. Relevant aadhar card enrolment centers will be displayed on your screen.

Q- How can I check my Aadhaar Enrolment status?

Ans. On the uidai website by entering your enrolment id and date and time you can get your status of aadhar generation.

Q- What documents are needed for Aadhar?

Ans. 1. Proof of identity
2. proof of address
3. proof of date of birth
4. proof of relationship

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