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80U Calculator - Calculate Tax Deduction for Disabled Individuals

You're eligible to save big on your taxes via 80U tax deductions. Here's a calculator to calculate your 80U tax deductions.

What is 80U deduction?

Individual taxpayers who are disabled are eligible for a tax deduction under Section 80U of the Income Tax Act of India, 1961. The individual must be certified as a handicapped person by a medical authority to claim a deduction under Section 80U.

The maximum tax deduction for persons with disabilities is ₹75,000, while the deduction limit for people with severe impairments is ₹1,25,000.

What is Section 80U Deduction Calculator?

Section 80U offers tax benefits if an individual suffers from a certain disability. The 80U Calculator calculates the tax benefits you will get under this section in a few clicks.

How to Calculate 80U Deductions?

To calculate your 80U deductions, you must be a person with at least 40% disability. The deduction you can avail of under this section is fixed.
The deduction available to a disabled individual is ₹75,000 if the disability is more than or equal to 40% but less than 80%. However, for disability of 80% or more, the deduction limit is ₹1,25,000.
Example: Mr A is a differently abled person. He suffers from less than 80% but more than 40% disability. What will be the amount of deduction u/s 80U?
Ans: He suffers from 40%-80% disability and is eligible for ₹75,000 deductions.

Benefits of Using 80U Calculator

There are multiple benefits of using this calculator.
First of all, the calculator can give you an estimate of the deductions you can avail of under 80U on the basis of your disability. Secondly, the calculator will also tell you whether you will be eligible for deductions.

Eligibility for Using 80U Calculator

Anyone can use the 80U deduction calculator if they want to calculate the deduction available to them for their disability. However, please note that merely using this calculator does not guarantee the deductions. You will only be eligible for the deductions under this section if you fulfill the disability criteria set by the Income Tax Department.



Who Can Claim Deduction Under Section 80U?

A person with a disability, as defined by the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights, and Full Participation) Act of 1955, is someone who has a medically documented disability of at least 40%.

The term "serious disability" is defined under Section 80U. A severe disability is defined as a situation with an impairment of at least 80%. Multiple impairments, autism, and cerebral palsy are also included. People with a 40% impairment in one or more of the following illnesses are termed disabled:

Impaired vision
Mental impairment
Illness of the mind
Limitation in hearing
Disability of locomotion

You can refer to this guide for more details.


Can 80U be claimed for dependents?

No, you cannot claim a deduction for the disability of your dependents under section 80U. A tax deduction is available to taxpayers himself who are disabled under Section 80U.

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