• File ITR Yourself

    Includes income from Salary, House Property, Capital Gain/Loss, Mutual Funds, Properties, Presumptive Tax u/s 44AD & 44ADA, and Other Sources.

    Income upto 1L
    Base Price:
    299 Free
    Income 1L - 5L
    Base Price:
    399 + Taxes
    Income 5L - 10L
    Base Price:
    599 + Taxes
    Income 10L+
    Base Price:
    1499 + Taxes
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  • eCA Assisted

    eCA Assisted -

    Includes salary income from one employer, single house property income & income from other sources.

    Base Price:
    1199 899 + Taxes Buy Now
  • eCA Assisted

    eCA Assisted -
    Multiple Form 16

    Everything in Standard plus salary income from multiple employers.

    Base Price:
    1599 1199 + Taxes Buy Now
  • eCA Assisted

    eCA Assisted -
    Business Income

    Everything in Multiple Form 16 plus income from multiple house property and income u/s 44AD & 44ADA.

    Base Price:
    2499 1874 + Taxes Buy Now
  • File ITR yourself
  • Standard
  • MultipleF-16
  • Business Income
  • Salary Income 1. One employer 2. More than one employer
  • House Property Income 1. Single House 2. Multiple House
  • Interest & Other Sources Income
  • Capital Gains
  • Digital Virtual Assets (cryptocurrencies)
  • Section 44 AD/44ADA Income
  • Easy ITR preparation & e-filing
  • Suggestion to maximise tax deductions
  • Examination of previous year ITR
  • 26AS Data Import
  • Tax Payment Assistance
  • Expanded set of self-help tools
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Capital Gain

Everything in Business Income plus capital gain income and relief u/s 89.

3999 2999 + Taxes Buy Now


Covers all your foreign income and provides the maximum benefit under DTAA.

9999 7499 + Taxes Buy Now


Provides maximum tax benefit on your Indian income.

7499 5624 + Taxes Buy Now


If you have Salary Income, One House Property, Interest from Fixed Deposits or Saving Accounts. In addition to this, in the cases, when our team is not available instantly, you can avail self-filing plan and upgrade to our paid plan later (we adjust the amount paid in self-filing in our paid plans) In the above conditions, you can obtain our self-filing plan

No, unless your Income is more than Basic Exemption Limit of Rs 2,50,000, and you don’t fall in the categories where return filing is mandatory, you are not required to file ITR. The return filing is mandatory if Income is more than the above-specified limit and you fall in the condition mentioned here.

Our Foreign plan is perfect for people who also have income from countries other than India.

As you have income from a foreign country, our foreign plan is perfect as it provides you with all the needed assistance and facilities which are required.

You should go for privilege plan if you don’t have any kind of foreign income. If you have income from other countries except India, our Foreign Plan will suit the Best.

Our Multiple Form-16 Plan is perfect for you. Our CA will consolidate your income from all the employers and prepare your tax return.

Within 48 business hours, our CA will connect with you. However, during peak season time, the hours may differ.

You will receive an email after you avail any of our paid plans. You will find the list of documents in the mail.

Our Foreign plan is perfect for people who also have salary/stipend from countries other than India.

Our Foreign plan is perfect for people who have received an interest from a foreign bank.

Mostly, we do not comply any charges , but in exceptional cases the charges might vary depending upon the complexity.

Our CA shall take care of your taxes. This is how we will help you -
  • Extensive analysis to check whether the income is falling under Capital Gain Head or Business Head.
  • Study of Broker’s Statement & Summary Report
  • Examination of Future & Option Transactions entered into during the year.
  • Correct treatment for Short Term Capital Gain or Long Term Capital Gain as tax treatment is different in both the cases.
  • Determination of Speculative Income vs. Non-speculative Income
  • Evaluation to get tax benefit (if you have incurred loss on the shares)
  • Complete Study of Purchase / Sale deed of the property for complete picture.
  • Avail benefit of Price Index adjustment of along with all tax deductible expenses incurred for sale like Brokerage Expenses, Registration Charges .
  • Compliance check for value of Property as per different sections like 50C.
  • Calculation of cost of Improvement of property and Stamp Duty paid at the time of purchase.
  • Claim TDS benefit, (if deducted)
  • Assistance for claiming deduction of investment made from the amount of Capital Gain.
  • Advice to Maximise Tax Saving on Capital Gain Tax
  • Examination to ensure you can opt for Presumptive taxation scheme
  • Recommendation for applicable provisions for calculation of turnover under section 44 AD
  • Compliance verification w.r.t minimum 8% profit
  • Check for all compliance of all provisions of Presumptive Taxation Scheme as per the applicable law.

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