Income Tax Eligibility Calculator

1. My income is below taxable limit (rs. 2.5 lacs*) so i don't have to file ITR
2. My TDS has already been deducted so i don't have to file ITR

A person can receive a notice from the income tax department for non-filing of ITR

Income Details


Other Details

Have you deposit more than 1 crore in any current bank account in FY 2020-21

Have you paid electricity bill of more than 1 lakh in total during FY 2020-21?

Have you spent more than 2 Lakhs on yourself or another individual for the purpose of foreign travel in FY 2020-21 ?

Do you hold any assets, bank accounts, signing authority in any entity located outside India?

Do you have income dividend/ freelancing/ profession from a foreign country?


Personal Details

ITR Filling is not Mandatory for you

However, we suggest you to file ITR to receive the following benifits;

  • Easy Loan/Credit card approval
  • Quick Visa processing
  • Claim tax refunds
  • Use as income & address proof

Thank You !