Q1. Income from Salary/Pension ?

Q2. Income from Business/Profession ?

Q3. Income from House Property or Home Loan ?

Q4. Income from Other Sources ?

Q5. Income from Capital Gains ?

Q6. Income from Foreign Source ?

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Q1.Income from Salary/Pension?

Q2.Income from Business/Profession?

Q3.Income from House Property or Home Loan?

Q4.Income from Other Sources?

Q5.Income from Capital Gains?

Q6.Income from Foreign Source ?

India's leading Tax filing platform

India's leading Tax filing platform

Authorized by Income Tax Department

Authorized by Income Tax Department

ITR filing in under 4 mins

ITR filing in under 4 mins

Trusted by 1 million+ Customers

Trusted by 1 million+ Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

You should select Income from Business/Profession as your source of income while filing your taxes through the Tax2Win website

Income from FD (Fixed Deposits) is categorized and should be shown as Income From Other Sources.

You don’t need to pay taxes on your mutual fund income if you have not sold them up to one year of holding. Even if the income earned by selling mutual funds after one year is below 1 lakh, the taxpayer is not required to pay any tax on it. However, it should be shown in ITR 2 under capital gain taxes.

E-filing your Income-tax return is nothing but filing your Income-tax return online. As per the latest announcement by the income tax department, at present income tax returns can be filed through the online method only. However, the super senior citizens who are filing ITR 1 or ITR 4 are allowed to use the offline paper mode.

Income Tax online filing is a simple process and can be done by sitting at home for free with Tax2win.

  • Step 1: Visit the Tax2Win website. Here, click on the option File ITR Now.
  • Step 2: Here Select your source of Income and click on continue.
  • Step 3: If you're a salaried individual, Just Upload your Form 16. If you do not have any form 16 then you can simply skip the option and move further.
  • Step 4: Enter the Financial Year, PAN & Aadhaar details and other basic details like your Employment Details, Deductions(If Any), bank details. After giving the details of all the information
  • Step 5: Review your tax computation and click on the “File My ITR” button.

Yes, tax2win is entirely safe as it is a registered ERI of the income tax department and is an ISO certified company. In addition, we have encrypted the data using the latest technology and the website has several security layers that keep your data secure.

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