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What is the procedure to transfer PF online?

If you have just changed your job and wondering how to transfer your PF, then continue reading to all that’s required and needs to done to undertake the transferring process.

Why transfer your PF online?

If you are consistent with your employment, you do not have to worry about transferring your PF. You and your employer will keep contributing to your PF account until you leave that job. You either take a new job or take a break. Once you take up a new job, your new employer will register you in the EPFO and you will be allotted a new PF account where you will again contribute to PF. Now that you have got a new PF account, what happens to your previous account? Under these circumstances, you get two options:

  • Firstly, you can transfer the balance from your old PF account to your current account
  • Secondly, if you decide to stay on a break for 60 or more days, then you can withdraw your contribution to PF with interest

Experts suggest that you transfer your PF instead of withdrawing as it offers attractive returns and is an ideal saving scheme for retirement.

What are the documents to be kept ready before transferring the PF online?

Transferring your PF balance is only possible if you fulfill these conditions

  • Details of your previous PF account and current PF account should be entered in EPFO database
  • EPFO database should hold your correct personal information and information related to your PF account
  • e-KYC should be approved by your employer
  • For your previous account, you will get only one transfer request
  • Authorized signatories should be digitally registered in EPFO by the current/previous employer.
  • Only bank account which is linked to Aadhaar can be used to file the transfer claim. Linking of PAN with UAN is not mandatory for the transfer claim.
  • Your UAN and mobile number registered in UAN should be active

How to transfer PF online using UAN?

Since the advent of UAN, the transfer of PF has been shited under ‘Unified portal’. In the beginning, this facility was available under ‘Online Transfer Claim Portal’.

To transfer PF, follow the steps mentioned below in an orderly manner:

  • Go to the member interface of the unified portal by clicking on the link mentioned below: Online Transfer Claim Portal
  • Here you will see a screen similar to the one above on your computer screens. Now, log in the EPFO portal using your login credentials, i.e, UAN, Password and Captcha. After filing in the details, click on ‘Sign In’.
  • Once you have logged in, the right side of the screen will display the following information like UAN, name, date of birth, bank account number, email address, and other details related to the account. Look at the picture mentioned below for reference. EPFO portal
  • To proceed further, you need to click on ‘Online services’ which is available on the top of the screen. From the dropdown list, select ‘One member – one EPF account (Transfer Request)’. One member – one EPF account (Transfer Request)
  • Under ‘One member- one EPF account (Transfer Request)’ your personal information and employment history will be displayed. One member – one EPF account (Transfer Request)
  • Get Verify the information and click on ‘Confirm’. From there, you will be taken to a pre-filled transfer request form. On the next step, you will have to select details of your previous PFonline-epf-transfer-procedure account. Pick that account from where you need to transfer the money. You can get the details of your previous account by clicking on ‘Get details’.
  • In this section, you will be asked to choose between ‘previous employer’ and ‘current employer’ under ‘Attestation through’ option. ‘Current employer’ option will remain disabled if your employer hasn’t made any contribution to the PF account.
  • Once you have selected either one of the employers, you need to put in your member Id/UAN.
  • After filing in the credentials, you will be taken to next step, i.e, ‘Authenticate OTP and Submit’. In this step, you need to click on ‘Get OTP’ and OTP will be sent on your UAN registered mobile number. Enter the OTP in its designated space and click on ‘Submit’.

Once you have submitted your claim, you will be taken back to the personal details and employment history page. At the end of the page, you will find your transfer claim along with tracking Id, previous account number, attestation information, and Form 13. You need to download this form and sign where ever asked. Submit this signed form to the selected employer within 10 days of filing the claim.
Your transfer claim will be forwarded to your employer and he/she can approve of your claim digitally.

How to check PF transfer status?

The waiting period after filing your transfer claim is miserable. You keep wondering when your money will get credited to your account. To avoid such situation, EPFO has come up with three different ways of tracking your transfer claim. Continue reading below as tracking your transfer claim status has never been easier.

1st way: Track your claim status via member claim status link

To Track via this mode, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to EPFO’s unified portal by clicking on the link mentioned below: With this, you will be taken to the Employee’s page of the unified portal. EPFO’s unified portal
  • Select ‘Know Your Claim Status’ which is available under the ‘Services’ option.
  • Once you click on that, you will be taken to another portal from where you can track your claim status. For this, you need to log in using your UAN number and captcha. After filing in the credentials, click on ‘search’.UAN number and captcha
  • Once you have put in your login credentials, you will see a screen similar to the one mentioned below. You need to select the member Id for which you have filed the claim and then press ‘View claim status’. View claim status
  • On the next step, you will be able to see all the details related to your claim along with the current status.

2nd way: Track via the unified portal of EPFO

To track via this mode, follow the guide mentioned below:

  • Go to the member interface of EPFO’s unified portal. You need to log in your account by entering your UAN, password, and captcha. To visit the member portal, click on the link mentioned below:
  • Once you have logged in, the right side of the screen will display your personal information. You need to select ‘Track claim status’ which is available under ‘Online services’. You will find the tab at the top of the screen. Check the image below for reference.
  • Under ‘Track claim status’, you will be able to see the following information: Online claim status, Transfer claim status, and Stop auto-initiated claim cases. From here, you can check the current status of your transfer claim.

3rd way: track your claim directly from the EPFO website

To track your claim status via the EPFO website, you need to have these things handy:

  • Account number of your Employee’s Provident Fund
  • If required, your company/establishment’s code
  • Your employer’s EPF regional office

You can find all this information on the PF statement provided to you by your employer. And if you don’t have your PF statement, you can click on this link to find your company code and your employer’s regional provident fund office.

Step-by-step process:
  • Click on the link mentioned as it will directly take you to ‘Know Your Claim Status’ page of the website. Know Your Claim Status
  • Click on ‘Click here for Knowing the Claim Status’ option mentioned at the end of the page.
  • You will be asked to select your PF office state from the dropdown list. Once you have selected your state, your screen will display the list of all the regional offices.
  • From the list of regional office, select the office which is relevant to you.
  • Once you have selected the regional office, region code and office code will automatically be filed in their designated spaces.
  • You need to fill in the ‘Establishment Code’. A general establishment code can be 7 characters long. But if your establishment code has a sub-code or an extension, then the same can be filled in the fourth box. If there is no sub-code or extension, then you need to leave this box empty.
  • In the fifth box, you need to enter your account number which can be 7 characters long.
  • Once you have filled in all the details, click on ‘submit’. After submitting the details, it will show you the current status of your transfer claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is EPF?

Ans: EPF stands for Employees Provident Fund which was introduced in the year 1952 as a social security scheme. This scheme was launched to protect employees across the organized sector. The major objective of this scheme was to provide a comfortable retirement period to the citizens. It also helps people in saving money as it comes in handy in dire situations.

The contributions towards EPF are made equally by the employer and the employee. Some portion of the employee’s salary goes towards the EPF fund every month. Investments in EPF is a profitable venture for salaried employees because of its exempt-exempt-exempt model. Under E-E-E model, investments, interests, withdrawals after 5 years are exempted from taxes.

Q- What is EPFO?

Ans: EPF scheme is managed by the Employee’s Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) which falls under the Ministry of Labor and Employment. It is mandatory for organizations with a minimum of 20 employees to register themselves with the EPFO. EPFO extends several services to its members like UAN, facility of withdrawing PF online, transferring PF, registration of establishment via online mode, and several other facilities.

Q- What is UAN?

Ans: UAN stands for ‘Universal Account Number’ which acts as an umbrella for all the PF/member Ids. As soon as you start working at an EPFO registered organization, your employer registers you with EPFO. Then EPFO allots you a PF account. If you change your job, you will be given a new PF account. All these PF accounts are linked to UAN. Your UAN doesn’t change with your job and remains stable throughout your employment period. UAN is a combination of 12 alpha-numeric characters which is connected to several different accounts of the employee. Through UAN, the process of transferring EPF and withdrawing PF has been made easier.

Now, let’s study on how you can transfer your EPF via EPFO portal and why do you need to transfer your provident funds.

Q- How long does it take to process a transfer request?

Ans: From the date of submission, the transfer request might take up to 20 days. But according to EPFO, the online process will take less time to review the transfer claim.

Q- How to check if I am eligible to file transfer claims?

Ans: To check if you are eligible to file for transfer claim, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the EPFO portal by clicking on the link below:
  • Click on Online services >> For Employees
  • Under the Services section, select ‘OCS/UMANG – FAQs/Eligibility’

In this PDF, you will find all the details related to eligibility of Online Claim Settlement (OCS).

Q- Will I be liable for tax exemptions if I withdraw PF before 5 years?

Ans: If you are withdrawing EPF before 5 years, then tax will be levied on your withdrawals. It is important that you are in service for 5 consecutive years to avail tax exemptions.

Q- Is there any limit on the number of PF withdrawals?

Ans: There is no limit on PF withdrawals and you can withdraw whenever you need the money. However, there is a limit on the withdrawal amount. You can either withdraw your contribution from the PF or six times of your wage, whichever option has a lower number.

Q- Can PF be withdrawn while working?

Ans: EPFO has a prescribed list of reasons which allows partial PF withdrawals. If your reason for withdrawal is amongst the reasons stated by the EPFO, then you are eligible for early PF withdrawals. The amount which can be withdrawn is decided after taking reason into consideration.

Q- Is it possible that my member Id is not registered in EPFO database?

Ans: Yes, it is possible that your member Id is missing from EPFO database. It could be because of:

  • Either your employer has not submitted electronic return or challan
  • Or the EPFO failed to update the return containing your member Id provided by the employer in its database. EPFO updates its database on a weekly basis. So, you just need to wait till EPFO updates its database.

Q- What happens if you fail to submit physically signed Form 13 to the employer within the prescribed time limit?

Ans: If you fail to submit physically signed form to the employer, then the employer has the right to reject your transfer claim. In case the submission is delayed further, it is advisable that you contact either the employer or the authorized signatory.

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