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- Finance Minister officially launches the "Instant PAN" facility. It is now possible to get instant PAN card by quoting your aadhar number in just few minutes. This facility can be availed free of cost.

What is an instant PAN facility?

Under the instant PAN facility, a new e-PAN card would be issued to the applicant within minutes. Also, to the relief of the applicant, no fee would be charged for this functionality. This means, getting a new PAN card is now completely online, easy and FREE.

Only new PAN cards can be applied using this option. Correction or updation in the existing PAN card or application by a person who already has / ever had any other PAN card is not allowed under this option.

What are the prerequisites for generating instant PAN?

If you are willing to generate an instant PAN you should

  • Have a valid Aadhar number
  • The aadhar should not already be linked to any PAN
  • Your aadhar linked with mobile number for one step OTP based verification
  • Email ID should be registered with your aadhar to receive a copy of PAN card over mail (otherwise it can be downloaded online)
  • Applicant should not already have any PAN card allotted to him/her

What is the process to generate Instant PAN?

To apply PAN instantly using your aadhar you should;

  • Go to the income tax India efiling website, NSDL website or download the mobile app made available by the government on efiling portal.
  • Click on apply for new PAN
  • Enter your 12-digit Aadhar number
  • Validate the instant PAN request through OTP on aadhar linked mobile number

How to check my application request for the instant PAN applied?

Once you validate the application above, a 15 digit acknowledgement number would be generated. Use this acknowledgement number to track your PAN card status online.

What are the benefits of launching an instant e-PAN facility?

Instant PAN card facility being one more governmental step towards Digital India has manifold benefits such as:

  • Greater compliances
  • Easy application procedure
  • Cost Savvy
  • No delays
  • Paperless process

How to download instant PAN?

  • To download PAN, visit the efiling income tax website
  • Click on 'Instant PAN through Aadhaar'.
  • Select 'Check Status of PAN'.
  • Enter the Aadhaar number and OTP received on the Aadhaar registered mobile number.
  • Of the status reflects that PAn has been allotted, download the e-PAN pdf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What are the charges for generating instant PAN?

Ans. This facility is completely free of cost.

Q- How much time would be needed to generate my e-PAN through aadhar?

Once your application is successfully validated by aadhar based OTP. PAN card would be issued instantly i.e. in a few minutes.

Q- What if I do not get an OTP to verify my Instant PAN application?

You can resubmit the Aadhaar e-KYC page, if the problem persists, contact UIDAI.

Q- How will I receive my PAN card under instant PAN facility?

Ans. You can download it online or if your mail ID is registered/ updated in aadhaar database then a soft copy of your PAN card will also be received on mail.

Q- Will I still require to pay some amount later on or apply for physical PAN card?

Ans. No amount is payable in future and this e-PAN card holds equal validity as that of a physical PAN card.

Q- Will I also receive PAN card in physical form?

Ans. If you apply for aadhar based instant PAN card then no physical PAN card would be issued by the Income Tax department to you.

Q- Is this PAN valid? Is it different from the PAN issued via other modes of application?

Ans. Yes, this PAN is valid. It is not different from the PAN issued by Income-tax department via other modes of application. However, this PAN is paperless, online and free of cost.

CA Abhishek Soni
CA Abhishek Soni

Abhishek Soni is a Chartered Accountant by profession & entrepreneur by passion. He is the co-founder & CEO of Tax2win is amongst the top 25 emerging startups of Asia and authorized ERI by the Income Tax Department. In the past, he worked in EY and comes with wide industry experience from telecom, retail to manufacturing to entertainment where he has handled various national and international assignments.