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How To Track Your PAN Card Application Status Through NSDL or UTIITSL Online?

Updated on: 21 Sep, 2023 11:05 AM

Applied for a New or a Duplicate PAN Card? But it has been a long time since you heard from the department about it.

Relax, you can easily check PAN Card status online through various modes such as checking PAN card status by acknowledgment number or application number, checking PAN card status by mobile number, etc. In this article, we will guide you through the process of checking the status of your PAN Card application.

How to Apply For a New/Duplicate PAN Card?

Application for a new PAN Card or duplicate PAN Card can be submitted online as well as offline. In case of offline mode, you can submit the form physically at your nearby TIN-FC Center. While in online mode, you can apply through various websites. This can be done from the comfort of your home and 24*7. Below is the procedure to apply for a new PAN Card online through the Tin-NSDL website:

  • Open the link
  • Click on the tab “Apply Online”. Here, you need first to select the application type and category. Then, fill in the various fields of the initial registration form. As a result, a token number would be generated.
  • With the help of this token number, you can fill out the full form afterward, or you can continue at that time only.
  • If you choose to fill out the form afterward and open the link after some time, then you can directly click on the tab – “ Registered User”. Here, you need to give your e-mail id, and DOB along with the token number.
  • The full form appears on the screen. Now fill out your PAN Card application form online.
  • Attach the required documents or update Aadhaar number for E- KYC and Click on Submit.
  • Verify your details once again in the preview and click on Proceed to the Payment Button.
  • Now, lastly, download and print your pre-filled application form generated after the payment.

Why is it important to check your PAN Card Status?

Once applied for PAN, it usually takes 15-20 days to reach you. In the meantime, you can check the status of your PAN application so that if there is any discrepancy, the same can be resolved timely. Therefore, it becomes important to keep a check on the PAN card status until you receive it.

What is the process to track your PAN Card Status?

There are three modes through which you can easily track the status of your PAN Card application. The detailed description is under:

  • Through Call Service: You can track your PAN application status by making a call at the TIN call center on the number – 020-27218080. You simply need to provide your 15-digit acknowledgment number for the PAN application.
  • Through SMS Service: You can know the status of your PAN application by SMS. Send your 15-digit acknowledgment number for the PAN application to ‘57575’. You will receive a status SMS.
  • Through Online Service Providers: The current status of your PAN application can be easily tracked online through the various service providers as below:
    1. By TIN NSDL
    2. By UTIITSL
    3. By E-Mudhra

Do remember to check the status only through the website of the service provider from which you have applied for PAN. Those who have applied physically at TIN – FC Center can check further status through the NSDL website at

applied for PAN

Now, let’s get a brief of the procedure to check the PAN status through the above-mentioned modes.

Check PAN Card Status by NSDL

On the website of NSDL, you will find the option to check PAN card status with the help of an acknowledgment number. Let’s understand the process:

  • Visit the TIN-NSDL portal
  • Select the field ‘Application Type’ as ‘PAN – New / Change Request.’
  • Enter your ‘Acknowledgement Number’ in the box provided.
  • Enter the captcha code.
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ button, and you are done with it.
Application status

How to Check PAN Card Status with Acknowledgement Number?

  • Step 1: Visit the official website for tracking PAN card status:
  • Step 2: On the website, you will need to select the appropriate 'Application Type.' This typically includes options like new PAN card, correction in existing PAN card details, etc.
  • Step 3: Enter your 'Acknowledgement Number.' This number is provided to you when you submit your PAN card application or correction request.
  • Step 4: Enter the 'Captcha Code' displayed on the page. This is usually a security measure to confirm that you are a human user and not a bot.
  • Step 5: After entering all the required information, click the 'Submit' button.

Once you submit the form, the website will display the current status of your PAN card application or correction request. This status may indicate whether your application is under process, dispatched, or any other relevant information.

How to Check PAN Card Status without Acknowledgement Number?

Here's a brief overview of these alternative methods:

Track PAN Card Status by Name and Date of Birth on Protean e-Gov Technologies Limited Website:

  • Visit the official website of Protean e-Gov Technologies Limited.
  • Look for the option to track PAN card status by name and date of birth.
  • Enter your full name as it appears on the PAN card application and your date of birth.
  • After providing the required details, click on the 'Submit' or 'Search' button.
  • The website will display the current status of your PAN card application if it's available in their database.

Track PAN Card Status by Coupon Number on UTI Portal:

  • Visit the official UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited (UTIITSL) portal.
  • Look for the option to track PAN card status by coupon number.
  • Enter the coupon number provided to you during the PAN card application process.
  • Click on the 'Submit' or 'Search' button.
  • The portal will display the current status of your PAN card application using the coupon number.

Check Status Using PAN Number on UTI Portal:

  • Visit the UTIITSL portal.
  • Find the option to check the status using the PAN number.
  • Enter your PAN card number.
  • Click on the 'Submit' or 'Search' button.
  • The portal will provide the current status of your PAN card, such as whether it is active or not.

Check PAN Card Status by UTIITSL

For taxpayers who want to check their PAN card status through UTIITSL, you are required to keep your application coupon number handy. The process to check PAN card status is as per the below steps:

  • Visit the UTIITSL portal.
  • You can enter your ‘Application Coupon Number’ or your ‘PAN Number’ (if you have applied for change/correction in your PAN card).
  • Enter the Captcha Code
  • Click ‘Submit’ and the status will be shown.
Application Coupon Number status

How to check PAN card status on NSDL (Protean) portal?

A step-by-step guide to check your PAN Card transaction status through the NSDL (Protean) website:

  • Step 1: Visit the NSDL's "Track your PAN/TAN Application Status" page directly by clicking on this link:
  • Step 2: On the page, locate and select "PAN-New/Change Request" from the "Application Type" section.
  • Step 3: Enter your 15-digit acknowledgment number in the provided field. This acknowledgment number is given to you when you apply for a PAN Card.
  • Step 4: To verify your PAN card application status, enter the captcha code from the given box. The captcha is used to ensure that the request is being made by a human and not automated bots.
  • Step 5: Once you have entered the acknowledgment number and captcha, click on the "Submit" button. This will prompt the system to retrieve the information and display your NSDL PAN Card status on your screen.

Know How to Track PAN Card Status by Aadhaar Number

Visit the Income Tax e-filing website.

Click the "Instant e-PAN" option under the "Quick Links" heading.

  • Look for the "Instant e-PAN" option in the "Quick Links" section of the website.

Click "Continue" under the "Check Status/ Download PAN" tab.

  • Navigate to the "Check Status/ Download PAN" section and click "Continue."

Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar Number and click "Continue."

  • Provide your 12-digit Aadhaar Number in the designated field.

Enter the OTP received on your mobile and click "Continue."

  • An OTP (One-Time Password) will be sent to the mobile number linked with your Aadhaar. Enter this OTP in the provided space and click "Continue."

View the status of your PAN card based on your Aadhaar Number.

  • After successful OTP authentication, the website will display the status of your e-PAN card based on your Aadhaar Number.

Please ensure that your mobile number is registered with your Aadhaar card for OTP authentication, as this is a crucial step in the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is a PAN Card?

PAN stands for Permanent Account Number. It is a code that is issued by the department of income tax. It is a unique 10-digit alphanumeric allocated to every individual for performing various financial transactions. This card remains valid for the entire lifespan of the cardholder.

Q- What is the importance of a PAN Card?

A Permanent Account Number or commonly referred to as PAN is one of the most important documents for an Indian national. It is mandatory to quote PAN at various places, like if you want to open a bank account, buy a property, sell assets above a specified limit, receive tax refunds, or file income tax returns, etc. It can be easily concluded that PAN aims to monitor finances in order to curb black money and prevent tax evasion.

Q- What are the various advantages of a PAN Card?

Benefits of having a PAN card:

  • File income tax return and thereby claim the tax refund.
  • Opening a bank account without PAN is mission, that is impossible.
  • For buying or selling movable and immovable assets, it is mandatory to have a PAN.
  • For trade in securities other than shares, bonds, debentures, and other marketable securities, it is mandatory to have a PAN Card.
  • For making a cash deposit, cheque, bank draft, and pay order exceeding Rs. 50,000, PAN Card is mandatory.
  • Buy foreign currency exceeding 50,000; PAN Card is mandatory.

Q- What documents do I need to check my PAN Card status?

The documents required to check PAN card status will depend upon the portal using which you’ve applied for one:

  • NSDL: An acknowledgement number is required.
  • UTITSL: An application Coupon number is required.
  • e-Mudra Portal: An application number is required.

Q- After how many days can I track my PAN card status?

Normally, the PAN application status is updated by the authority after 5 days of application submission. However, the number of days may vary as well.

Q- Is it possible to check PAN Card status without an acknowledgement number?

If you’ve misplaced the acknowledgement number, then you can check PAN status using Name and Date of Birth through the NSDL website.

Q- Is it possible to open a savings bank account using a PAN status printout?

Yes, banks accept the printout of PAN status and acknowledgement slip to open a savings account in their brand.

Q- Is it possible to track the postal status of the PAN Card?

Use the tracking number provided to track the postal status. The tracking number can be found on the same screen as checking PAN Card status.

Q- Is it possible to check PAN card application status via telephone?

Yes, it is possible to check PAN card application status via telephone. All you need to do is simply call on 020-27218080 and key-in your 15-digit acknowledgment number.

Q- What’s the meaning of Pan Card status ‘Application is inward’?

It means that your application for PAN has been received and is currently under process.

Q- Your application is under process at the Income Tax Department. What does this message mean?

While checking the PAN Card status, if this message is visible on your screen, then it is not necessary that your application has been rejected. Due to the large number of applicants, the officials need time to scrutinize each and every application, which takes time. Sometimes due to heavy website traffic, the status update may take more time to complete.

Q- PAN Card status shows ‘No matching record found’. What does it mean?

This message means there is high chance that the PAN issuing authority has not received your application. In such a case, you should immediately call, or send an email to the respective authority.

Q- PAN Card status shows that ‘application is being withheld from processing due to incomplete details/ documentary proof’. What is its meaning, and what steps that should be taken?

The above situation arises when the issuing authority either feels submitted information is incomplete or more information is needed. It is highly recommended that you get in touch with the authority as soon as possible. Failure to take action will mandate you to make a fresh application again.

Q- PAN status shows ‘pan card is under printing’. In how many days I’ll get my card?

In common practice, a person receives his/her PAN Card within 21 days of applying. But there are chances that the number of days may vary.

Q- Why is the government invalidating more than one PAN card per user? And how to check the status?

The reason is very simple, having more than one PAN Card per individual is illegal. If you want to check your status, visit the Income Tax eFiling portal and select option ‘ Verify Your PAN ’.

Q- How to check UTI PAN application status?

It is very easy to check UTI PAN status. Simply visit the UTI PAN card page and enter your application coupon number along with the Captcha code. After this, click on the ‘Submit’ button and your status will be shown.

Q- How to track Pan Card Application Status through acknowledgment number / Application Number?

PAN Card status can be tracked using the acknowledgment/application number with any of the options explained above. By Call, SMS, TIN NSDL, EMudhra, or UTI.

Q- How to check PAN Card status using Name and Date of Birth?

The PAN Card application status can be checked through the TIN NSDL website using the Name and Date of Birth of the applicant. Here’s how you check –

  • Go to the link
  • Under Application Type select the option “PAN-New/Change Request” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the Name Option & enter the name details. For the Applicants, other than ‘Individuals’ like Partnership Firm, AOP, BOI, or Trust, write their name in the field for Last Name/Surname only
  • Enter the Date of Birth of the applicant as filled in the application form at the time of PAN Card Application. For the Applicants other than ‘Individuals’ like Partnership Firm, AOP, BOI, or Trust, write their Date of Formation / Agreement / Incorporation as applicable.
  • Click on the “Submit” button.

For more details, read our guide on PAN.

CA Abhishek Soni
CA Abhishek Soni

Abhishek Soni is a Chartered Accountant by profession & entrepreneur by passion. He is the co-founder & CEO of Tax2win is amongst the top 25 emerging startups of Asia and authorized ERI by the Income Tax Department. In the past, he worked in EY and comes with wide industry experience from telecom, retail to manufacturing to entertainment where he has handled various national and international assignments.