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How to Download and Send ITR-V Acknowledgement To CPC

Updated on: 03 Mar, 2023 05:24 PM

Did you realise that if you don't verify your income tax return, the procedure is considered as incomplete? According to current tax laws, a return submitted by a taxpayer is not legitimate unless it is verified as filed by the assessee. Taxpayers may either verify their return electronically using an E-Verification Code (EVC) utilising one of many choices, or they can do it physically by submitting a signed ITR-V to the Bangalore office.

The ITR-V, also known as the acknowledgement receipt, may be downloaded from the Income Tax (I-T) department's website and mailed to the Centralized Processing Centre in Bengaluru within 30 days after filing your return. Through this guide, let’s understand the process in detail.

Important: e-verify your income tax return within 30 days,Otherwise your return will be Invalid.

What is ITR verification?

Verification means proving the authenticity of your income tax return. After you file your income tax online and you have not attached the digital signature of your returns, the income tax department would need to verify the authenticity of your return. To do so, the department sends ITR V which stands for ‘Income Tax Return – Verification form’. You are required to submit it to the income tax department for verification after which your tax filing process would be complete.

What is ITR V?

ITR V is a one-page document that is sent by the income tax department when returns are filed without a digital signature. Also, you can download the same from the Income Tax Website. You are required to sign this document and send it to the Central Processing Centre of the income tax department which is located in Bangalore. In case of e-verification, no need to send the document to Bangalore instead it can be verified online using various methods.

How to get ITR V on the new portal?

How to get ITR Form V on the new portal

ITR V is usually sent by the income tax department directly to your email id. You are then required to print the form, sign it and send it to the Central Processing Centre located in Bangalore.

If, however, you do not receive an email from the department, you can also download the form online. To download, the following steps should be taken –

Step 1:
Visit the official website of the income tax department and log in to your account. income tax department

Step 2:
On your dashboard, click on e-file and hover to Income tax return. Click on ‘View Returns'. click on e-file and hover to Income tax return

Step 3:
You will see a page with your filed returns. Click on the download receipt button next to your return details. Click on the download receipt button

Step 4:
Once the form is downloaded, sign it and send it to CPC Bangalore before 30 days of filing of return.

Submission of the ITR –V to CPC Bangalore

You can sign the ITR –V put it in an envelope and send a post to the income tax department’s Central Processing Centre in Bangalore. The address is – CPC, Income Tax Department, Bangalore-560500, Karnataka.

Verification through EVC Mode

The ITR –V form can also be verified using the EVC mode. Through the EVC mode, a code is generated and verification is done through any of the following means –

  • Your email id and mobile number
  • Aadhar card
  • Net banking facilities
  • Bank account details
  • Demat account

Submission of the form to CPC Bangalore v/s EVC verification

Though both the methods include verification of the income tax returns, they differ from each other in various aspects. These aspects include the following –

Submission to CPC Bangalore EVC verification
This is a physical method of verifying the income tax returns This is an online method of verifying the income tax returns
It takes some time for the post to reach the Bangalore office after which the verification process is completed This is done instantly through a code
A charge is incurred in sending the post to the Bangalore office This method of verification is free of cost and easy.

Important things to know about ITR-V when submitting it to CPC Bangalore

Here are some important facts which you should know about filing, signing and submitting ITR-V –

  • The ITR-V form should be signed and submitted within 30 days of filing your income tax returns
  • If the ITR-V form is not filed within 30 days of filing the returns and if it is not submitted either by submission to the CPC or by EVC mode, you would get an income tax notice from the department or return filed by you would be treated as invalid.
  • The form should be printed in black and it should be easily legible
  • You should put your signature on the form in blue ink
  • The form contains a bar code and a number beneath it. The bar code and the numbers should be clearly seen. You should not sign on them
  • Use of stapler should be avoided and the form should not be folded
  • The form should be sent in an A4 sized white envelope
  • The form should be sent through speed post or ordinary post and should not be couriered.

Important things to know about ITR-V when verifying through EVC

When verifying the returns through EVC code, the following should be kept in mind –

  • Verification should be done using only one mode
  • The verification code is for one-time use only
  • If verifying through mobile number or email id, the number or id should be registered with the income tax department

So, know what form ITR-V is, how to fill it and why it is necessary and complete your income tax filing by sending the ITR-V to the Income Tax Department.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Can I get a duplicate Form ITR –V?

Yes, you can. If you lose Form ITR-V which the income tax department mailed you, you can always visit the income tax department’s online website, log into your account and download another copy of the form. Even if you had downloaded the form earlier, you can download it again if you lose the initial copy.

Q- Can I send a Xerox copy of Form ITR-V?

No, the original copy of the form, containing your original signature should be sent.

Q- What is the due date for submitting ITR-V for verification?

You get a period of up to 30 days from the date of filing your returns for submitting Form ITR-V.

Q- What happens when the form is not submitted within the given time?

If you fail to submit ITR-V within 30 days of filing your income tax returns, your return would become invalid and it would not be processed by the income tax department. The assessee will be required to electronically retransmit the data and follow up by submitting the new form ITR-V within 30 days.

Q- Which documents should be submitted along with ITR-V?

You don’t need to submit any other document besides ITR-V.

Q- Is it possible to verify the income tax return without submitting Form ITR-V?

Yes, the income tax return can be verified even without Form ITR-V. The verification can be done using the online mode through your email id, phone number, Pan Card, Aadhar card, etc.

Q- I forgot my Acknowledgement Number, from where I can get it?

You can get your 15 digit acknowledgement number from ITR V. It can be downloaded from the Income Tax website by login to your account or through mail received at the time of filing of your return.

CA Abhishek Soni
CA Abhishek Soni

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