Consolidated Eway Bills (EWB) on the E Way Bill portal

With the introduction of GST in indirect tax regime, a special emphasis has been laid on smooth and transparent transportation of consignments. One such measure adopted by the government to implement its vision is e-way Bill. E-way bill is a document which is required to be generated before transportation of goods begin. It is also required to be possessed by the vehicle driver in case of any enquiry during the course of transportation or anytime after.

What was the need to introduce consolidated E-way bill?

Normally for transporting each consignment a seperate e-way bill is required. But, with its manifold benefits a practical problem arose. In case a supplier was carrying multiple consignments in a single vehicle it arose difficulties to carry multiple e-way bills. To resolve the same consolidated e way bill came into frame.

What is consolidated E-way bill?

Consolidated e way bill or (GST EWB-02) as the name suggests is a document containing the multiple e way bills. These multiple or consolidated e-way bills are usually generated when a supplier is willing to supply more than one consignment in a single(one common) vehicle.  Which means consolidated e way bill is a one stop resort to many individual e-way bills otherwise required.

When is consolidated E-way bill generated?

In situations where the transporter is transporting the consignment of multiple parties. Then after generation of multiple e-way bills by the parties(whose goods are being transported in a single vehicle), for convenience purpose , there is an option for the transporter to generate a single consolidated e-way bill. The consolidated E-way bill is generated prior to the movement of goods. Form GST EWB-02 can be used to generate the same from the GST common portal.

What are the various types of Consolidated e-way bill?

Following are the various types of consolidated e way bill given on government  e-way bill portal:

  • New consolidated E-Way bill
  • Bulk consolidated E-Way bill
  • Re-Generate E-Way bill
  • Print Consolidated E-Way bill
types of Consolidated

How to generate new Consolidated E-Way bill?

A consolidated E-way bill is generated when the transporter is carrying multiple consignments in a single vehicle. Consolidated E-way bill allows the transporter to carry a single document, instead of a multiple documents for various consignments in a common conveyance.

A user should have all the e way bill numbers of the consignment, which transporter shall transport in one conveyance. For generating consolidated bill, user needs to follow these steps:

  • Click on this URL
  • Click on the login Gst login
  • After that type your username and password along with captcha code given in image Enter login Detail
  • After this select the ‘Generating New’ sub-option under ‘Consolidated EWB’ tab. Consolidated EWB
  • Next, the transporter needs to mention the ‘State’, and from where the vehicle starts and ‘Vehicle No’ to proceed. E-way-Bill-System
  • Then mention the E-Way bill numbers and you can add more E-way bill number by clicking on the add button. E-way-Bill-System
  • Then click on the ‘Submit’ button and You will get your consolidated e way bill generated. E-way-Bill-System
  • Now you can print this E-Way bill by selecting the option to print.

How to generate bulk consolidated E-Way bill?

The e-way bill system enables the user to generate consolidated bulk e way bills. A consolidated bulk e way bill is used when a user needs to generate multiple consolidated e way bill at one shot. To convert the multiple consolidated e way bills excel file into a single JSON file the user needs to have the EWB bulk convertor or the excel file.

  • If you want to generate a consolidated bulk e way bill, select the sub option ‘Generate Bulk’ under the ‘Consolidated EWB’ option. The following screen will appear next E-way-Bill-System
  • Now you are required to upload the JSON file.Once a JSON file is uploaded successfully consolidated bulk e-Way Bill will be generated. E-way-Bill-System

After successfully processing the JSON file, the system will generate the E-Way Bills and the consolidated EWB for each request will be shown. Otherwise error report will be generated.

How to Re-Generate Consolidated E Way Bill?

GST e way bill system gives you an option to update the transportation details for the consolidated EWB and re-generate the new Consolidated EWB (CEWB). Follow the below mentioned step by step process to begin with re-generation of Consolidated e way bill.

  • Click on this URL
  • Click on the login tab on the right most corner. Gst login
  • After that type your username and password along with captcha code given in image Enter login Detail
  • After this select the ‘Re-Generate’ sub-option under ‘Consolidated EWB’ option. Consolidated EWB
  • Now, you can update the transportation or vehicle number for the consolidated EWB by selecting the sub option ‘Re-Generate’ under the option ‘consolidated EWB’. The following screen will be displayed next. You can now choose any one of them ;
    1. Consolidated EWB No.:-  here you shall enter the 10 digit consolidated EWB
    2. Generated by me (Date):- in this option you can select the date on which the consolidated EWB was generated

    A list of consolidated EWB will be shown.

  • You can select the particular consolidated EWB to update the vehicle number. The following screen will be displayed E-way-Bill-System
  • Then select the E-Way bill in which you want to change the transportation details.

    After that mention the following details:-

    Mode of transport:- Choose any one of them ..Road, Rail,Air, Ship

    Vehicle No:- Type the Vehicle number here

    Place of Change:- Mention the place of change here

    State of Change:- Select the state of change in the drop down list.

    Reason :- After that select the reason of change

    Transporter document no & Date:- Mention this details if applicable.


    After that mention all the details. The system will pop up an error message if any of the fields are wrongly entered. Otherwise, the vehicle number will get updated to that particular consolidated E-way bill number.

    Then click on the submit button to complete the re generation of e way bill.

  • Lastly, you can choose to print the updated consolidate e way bill as given in the image below E-way-Bill-System

How to Print Consolidated E Way Bill?

Now we will understand that how can we print the consolidated e way bill. Let us understand the step by step process

  • Click on this URL
  • Click on the login option being reflected on the top right side of the screen Gst login
  • After that type your username and password along with captcha code given in image Enter login Detail
  • Post this select the ‘Print Consolidated EWB’ sub-option under ‘Consolidated EWB’ option Consolidated EWB
  • Then enter the bill no and click on ‘Go’. Enter Bill No.

The system will display the requested consolidated EWB and the user can take the print out of the consolidated EWB.

To know the forthcoming changes in E way bill Read more.

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