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After implementation of GST in India, the department of government is continuously improving the grievance redressal system with time. This is being done with the aim to remove the genuine hardship for the registered as well as unregistered persons.

Before implementing this GST Grievance Redressal Portal, the taxpayers and other stakeholders, could raise their complaints by sending mail on helpdesk. However, after implementation of this GST Grievance Redressal portal,  if they are facing any issue while working on GST portal, they can raise their complaints together with screenshots of pages. This has enabled quick and more seamless redressal of user  grievances.

Advantages of grievance redressal portal

GST grievance redressal portal has manifold advantages. Let us take an understanding on such benefits to various stakeholders

  • Instead of sending e mail to helpdesk, user can lodge his complaint on the portal.
  • Redressal of grievance is much faster than the earlier system or email or helpdesk.
  • User can select the category and sub-category of the problems in ready drop down list.
  • User can raise tickets himself to lodge complaints.
  • The portal has a ready list of FAQs, bifurcated into main and sub categories which also prove to be a helping hand for the stakeholders.
  • User can check the resolution in comments.Instead of close the complaint ticket.
  • Complainants have been benefited by the new and time saving process.

How can a user report his query on GST Grievance Redressal Portal?

Let us understand the step by step process for lodging the ticket (complaint) on this portal.

For this we will first understand the various Services provided by the portal. The GST Grievance Redressal Portal gives these two services namely:

  • Report Issue/Complaint
  • Check ticket/ Issue status

Report issue/ complaint

First we will understand that how can we report an issue or complaints on the portal :-

  • Click on this link Report/Issue complaints
  • Next, we need to type the keyword for which we are raising this ticket like if are facing any issue in registration then we need to type the keyword  ‘registration’. As soon as we will type the keyword a drop down list will open up as given in the image below: Type of Issue
  • After that select the issue from drop down list as under. And tabs of category and subcategory for the relevant issue will be shown next. User can select the issue from dropdown list of sub category for more accurate issue.

    Once you complete the selection of subcategory at the same time you will find a list of FAQs alongside. It will help you understand basic and most common queries resembling to your category and subcategory selection.

    Type of Issue
  • Now the user can check relevant answers in the FAQs . If you find the answer in the FAQs for the relevant query, you may provide a feedback and click on the ‘Yes’ button. It will indicate that your issue is resolved. And, You will be redirected to the home page again.
  • After checking the FAQs if you are unable to get the answer of your issue or still not satisfied. You can click on “ No, I want to lodge my complaint”. This will enable you to place a query with the GST Grievance Redressal Portal. Faq
  • After selecting No, I want to Lodge My Complaint, a page will open for raising the query. As per the latest change in this page, user can choose, whether he is a registered taxpayer or not,  by clicking on “ Yes or No” Repost/Issue Helpdesk

So we can say that complaints can be lodged by

  • Registered taxpayer
  • Unregistered person

How can a Registered Taxpayer lodge his complaint?

  • In case a Registered Taxpayer wants to lodge his complaint, all steps as explained above are required to be carried out. In the last step Registered taxpayer needs to choose “Yes”  as given in the image below. This will help in placing your complaint request as a registered taxpayer Report ticket-details
  • After that taxpayers need to fill in all the steps as shown in the image below, explained step by step: Report ticket-details
  • First the user needs to choose any one of them

    GSTIN:- GST number of registered person

    ARN :- Applicant Reference Number

    ARN :- Applicant Reference Number

  • After that type the First and Last name of user
  • Then Mobile number and email address needs to be entered
  • Then complainant needs to describe the issue in 500 words
  • Now there is an option ‘ Attachments’ in which you can attach the screenshot(s) of error which you faced while using the GST portal.
  • After this mention the correct captcha code given in image.
  • Cross check all the details you have mentioned and finally click on the ‘ Submit ‘

Your complaint is now submitted and on successful submission the system will generate 15 digit reference number. You can also save or print the acknowledgment for future reference or communication.

How can an Unregistered Person lodge his complaint?

We have already understood the process of filing a complaint by the registered taxpayer. Let us now take a complete walkthrough of the process to be followed by the unregistered person / taxpayer for registering a complaint on GST Grievance Redressal Portal.

For this, follow the common process of lodging complaint as explained above. Additionally, unregistered person needs to choose “No” as given in the image below. This will enable the user to file complaint as an unregistered users

Report ticket-details

Let us understand the process in case of complaints made by Unregistered person

  • In this case unregistered person, instead of mentioning the GSTIN/TRN/ARN , there is an option of ‘Permanent Account Number’ and select the ‘State from the drop down list.
  • Other information is same as in case of registered taxpayer’

How to Check ticket/ Issue status on GST Grievance Redressal Portal?

You have successfully filed the complaint. But what after that?? Whether your query is still pending or it has been processed further? There might be a lot of things coming in your mind. For this the government has given the option to check ticket or Issue status on its GST Grievance Redressal Portal.

For this, there is a very easy option given by the GST Grievance Redressal Portal. So, Let us understand the complete process sequentially.

  • Click on this link report/issue complaint
  • Next Choose “ Check ticket/ issue status” Check ticket/ issue status
  • Now you are required to type the 15 digit “Ticket reference Number” generated on successful submission of the complaint earlier.
  • Enter the Captcha code as given in the image and click on ‘Search’ icon.
  • After doing all the above steps, the details will be sent to the registered mail id. Registered mail id will be the one which you have provided at the time of lodging the complaint

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