GST Seva Kendra: Government’s Initiative to Make India GST-Compliant

GST Seva Kendra

GST Seva Kendra centres are GST facilitation Centre which was established by the Ministry of Finance in 2017. GST Seva Kendras were established to serve the GST taxpayers and businesses by providing required assistance on GST laws and GST filings. Any GST taxpayer or any entrepreneur can approach the nearest GST Seva Kendra to seek the assistance or resolve the doubts on GST. Nearly 8000 GST Seva Kendra centres have been launched across India to provide the required services.

Need for GST Seva Kendra

GST is a transformative indirect tax reform of a scale never before attempted in the country. Whereas the law and procedures have been carefully framed after wide consultation with taxpayers and other stakeholders. The Government deems it important to hand-hold the taxpayers to ensure a smooth transition to the new indirect tax regime.

Services at GST Seva Kendra

Commissionerate GST Seva Kendra:

The GST Seva Kendra centre at a Commissionerate HQs is being established for guiding the taxpayers in migrating to GST and thereafter complying with the GST laws and procedures.

GST Seva Kendra provides required information brochures, documents, Trade notices, forms, etc. Also, they assist the taxpayers in understanding all the legal provisions, procedures, and documents in GST laws.

Helping in taxpayers and GST registration applicants with their applications, references, etc. which are pending with any Departmental authority in the Commissionerate office is also facilitated by Seva Kendra.
GST Seva Kendra helps in facilitating the taxpayers to get requisite support from GSTN/DG Systems and Central Board of Indirect taxes and Customs.

By the GST Seva Kendra centres, the government wants to spread the GST awareness among the GST taxpayers. It is crucial to know the satisfaction level of the services and assistance provided by the centres, to make further changes to ease the GST payment process and GSTR filing process.

How to find a GST Seva Kendra?

The GST Council and Central Board of Indirect taxes and Customs (CBIC) took an initiative to open 8000 GST Seva Kendra centres across the country.
You can locate the GST Seva Kendra near you Click here

How GST Seva Kendra is helpful?

As a facilitation centre, GST Seva Kendra centres are established on the initiative of CBIC and Ministry of Finance and Department of Revenue to help the taxpayers.

GST Seva Kendra centres are entrusted with the responsibility to assist all taxpayers with special focus on the small and medium traders in having a better understanding of the GST laws and procedures. The GST Seva Kendra centres are aimed at enhancing legal compliance through trust-based interactions between the tax administrators and taxpayers.

GST Seva Kendra is manned by dedicated GST Seva Officers who work under the close supervision of senior functionaries. GST Seva Officers are especially trained in all aspects of the GST law, procedures and IT and their responsibility is to guide and assist taxpayers in fulfilling their legal obligations.

Taxpayers are encouraged to visit the GST Seva Kendra for resolving their doubts or for seeking any information or documents. They may also contact the GST Seva Kendra by phone or email.

Assistance provided by GST SEVA KENDRAS

GST Seva Kendra offices provide the complete assistance related to GST laws such as


Migration of existing taxpayers, procedure & forms for registration, supporting documents for registration, resolving technical issues, if any, in obtaining registration, cancellation of registration penalty and implications of not obtaining registration.


GST Seva Kendra officers help the taxpayers and businessmen understand the meaning, scope, applicability and statutory provisions regarding topics such as

  • Taxable territory
  • The distinction between CGST, SGST, IGST, UTGST.
  • Treatment of inter-State sales and intra-State sales.

Rates of CGST, IGST, and SGST

GST Seva Kendra officers help in understanding the tax rates for goods and services under CGST, IGST and SGST for intra-State and inter-State supplies including imported goods.

Tax exemption

There are various types of GST payment exemption, GST Seva Kendra officers help in understanding the conditions and laws to avail them.

Composition scheme

Queries regarding Scope and eligibility; records and returns; inadmissibility of input tax credit for the composition scheme taxpayers is resorted to.

Rules governing CGST/IGST

Various rules are created under GST laws covering different business sectors. This Seva Kendra helps in understanding the applicability and scope of various rules depending on your current business.

Meaning and scope of supply

Understanding taxable supply, time and place of supply, consideration for a supply, supply to and by Government authorities’ self-supplies, the return of goods supplied, etc.

Value of supplies

How to determine the value of supply, co-components to be included/ excluded in value, treatment of discounts, free gifts, captive consumption, reimbursement of expenditure, related party transactions, the value of goods supplied to the company located in another State, including sales and purchase of second-hand goods, etc.

GST Invoices

The invoicing rules under the GST Act and GST rules are predefined, GST Seva Kendra help in understanding the formats of invoices in detail.

HSN Codes and SAC Code

HSN codes are the unique codes assigned to each product in GST rules book while filing GST, HSN codes are very helpful in saving time. GST Seva Kendra centre help in giving complete assistance on HSN and SAC codes

GST E-way bill

GST Seva Kendra help in understanding the concept and purpose of the E-way bill, how to obtain E-way bill, the responsibility of transporter. The GST seva officers will give assistance on the implication for not obtaining E-way bills, etc.

GST Input Tax credit

The process of taking credit of the input taxes paid on supply defines the term input tax credit. GST Seva Kendra covers in its ambit assistance upon items on which credit can be taken, credit on capital goods, the process of taking credit etc. ITC has been defined as a credit of IGST/CGST/SGST charged on any supply of goods and or services used or intended to be used in the course or furtherance of the business and export/import includes the tax payable under reverse charge.

Payment of GST

Depending on the type of business, GST payment is made every month or quarterly or yearly. To make the GST payment without the technical glitches and in avoiding other problems, GST Seva Kendra gives their complete assistance in the process.

GST Returns

GST Seva Kendra centres give complete information on how the GST returns are to be filed by different categories of taxpayers. The taxes are to be refunded, GST Seva Kendra help in understanding the procedure to claim refunds and documents to be filed along with refund application. They also spread awareness among taxpayers about the time limit for filing a refund claim, interest for delay in sanctioning the refund claim, getting show cause notice for rejecting refund claims and problems in filing refund claims, etc.
While filing the returns they will be many errors and glitches if a taxpayer is unaware of new laws and rules, they help the GST taxpayer in reducing the technical glitches in filing returns.

GST rules and laws on Import/Export/EOUs/SEZs goods

Giving complete information about the import and export goods and codes assigned to a specific product, payment of GST on import/export of goods and services, documentation for import/export, supplies to and by EOUs/SEZ Units/SEZ Developers, a refund of GST on goods or services exported, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is the GST Seva Kendra?

GST Seva Kendra is the government’s initiative, to help the GST taxpayers under the complete information related to the GST. It includes GST registration of the entity, GST migration of the existing taxpayer, GST invoice, GST returns and ITC refunds.

Q - What is the helpline number for GST queries?

National helpdesk number for raising GST queriesis 0120-4888999. GST Seva Kendra centres are located across the country, you can find GST Seva Kendra in your region.

Q - Do they leak my business information?

There will be no, data leaks regarding your business details. They are the government officials who are specially trained in GST laws and rules. They handle sensitive information of various companies, they are abided by the rules, not to disclose sensitive information of one company to another. If they are caught doing this activity, it is considered a serious crime and accordingly, they are punished.

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