What is Voter ID?

A Voter ID card is issued by Election Commission of India. And, also known as Electors Photo Identity Card(EPIC), election’s card, Voter ID card, and Voter’s card. In order to caste the vote every eligible Indian citizen is required to have a Voter ID card. Consequently, it also serves the purpose of Unique Identification proof of an individual along with reducing the fraud in electoral activities during the election. These Voter ID cards include all the personal details and a unique identification number.

Who is eligible to have it?

  • In order to get a Voter Id Card applicant must hold Indian citizenship and should be of 18 years or above.
  • Those applicants belonging to a special category i.e financially bankrupt, other specified category are not allowed to vote even after attaining the age of 18 years.
  • Applicant must have a permanent residential address.

Documents required to get the Voter ID

Under the documents required for getting a voter id card, 3 kinds of documents are required-

  • Identity and Age Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Passport size photograph
Identity and Age-Proof documents include- Address Proof
  • Ration Card
  • Passport issued by the government
  • Driving License
  • Rent Agreement(Latest)
  • Utility Bills(electricity, gas connections, telephone etc)

How can you apply for Voter ID?

A person who is eligible to caste vote can apply for the voter ID card in the following two ways-

Apply for Voter ID card Online

Now you can easily apply for the Voter ID card by visiting the official website of Election Commission of India. This website contains every single detail related to Election including guidelines for voters, type of form you wants to fill on the basis of services.

You will have to file Form 6 to be registered under new voter registration.

Follow the step by step process for the online registration of Voter ID-

  • 1: Visit the National Voter Service Portal and click on the “Apply online for registration of new voter/due to shifting from AC”.

    Apply for voter ID

  • 2: From the drop-down at the right side of the page select the language of your preference and fill all the information asked in the form along with uploading the photograph, your address proof and age proof.

    Apply for voter ID

  • 3: Once you fill all the information carefully, click on the submit button.
    After the successful submission of the form, you will get a mail on the email address given by you suggesting a link to personal voter ID’s page. You can use this link in future for tracking your Voter ID status and within a month you will get your Voter ID card online applied by you.

Apply for Voter ID card Offline

In order to issue the Voter ID offline, Election Commission of India organizes various drives at a specified time to specific states. Information Notices is provided to all the registered voters by the Electoral Registration Officer’s(ERO) of every area.

Steps to be involved in getting Voter ID offline are as follows-

  • Get the application from the ERO of your constituency or the officers of your polling booth. This form is known as form 6.

Fill the application form and submit it along with all the documents needed to the Electoral Registration Officer.
Alternatively, you can also post the application filled by you to the Electoral Registration Officer(ERO) or Assistant Electoral Registration Officer(AERO).
For getting the correct postal address visit the website of Election Commission of India, there you will find the address as per your union territory or state.
After submitting your application, it is possible that your booth level officer may visit your house for the verification of address. Afterward, your name will be written in the notice board of the ERO for any objections. In case if there will be any objection from any person then ERO or AERO will listen to that person’s case.
After verifying everything your name will be given for electoral roll and you will get the information notice in both of the cases- Either your name will be included in the electoral list or not on your number and by post.

How Can NRI Electors Apply for Voter ID Cards Online?

NRIs who wants to have a voter ID even when they are physically not present in India can apply for Voter ID considering the conditions that they should not have a citizenship in any other country and they must have attained the age of 18 years on January 1st of that year.

Follow the steps given below to apply for the Voter ID card for NRIs

  • 1: Visit the National Voter Services Portal (NVSP)
  • 2: Click on the “Apply online for registration of overseas voter” NRI apply online for voter ID
  • 3: Now fill the Form 6A carefully and submit it.

    Alternatively, you can directly go to the official website of Cheif Electoral Officer of your state and download the form from there or you can directly ask one of your family persons to send an application form to you from the polling station.

How Can NRI Electors Apply for Voter ID Cards Offline?

After filling the Application form correctly, you need to send a copy of Voter ID form to Electoral Registration Officer(ERO) or Assistant Electoral Registration Officer by signing it and self-attesting relevant documents. For posting the Voter ID application form you can take the address from the Election Commission website of your state.

After completing the whole verification process by the Electoral Registration Officer(ERO) or Assistant Electoral Registration Officer you will get a notice informing whether your name has been included in the Electoral list or if due to any reasons your form is rejected you’ll get the notice for the same also.

How can you verify Voter ID?

If an applicant of Voter ID card wants to check whether his or her name is present in the Electoral roll or not, they can do it in the following two manners-

Steps to verify Voter ID Online

  • 1: Visit the National Voter Services Portal(NVSP)
  • 2: Enter the details in the “Search name in the electoral roll”

    Verification of voter ID

  • 3: Fill the details and click on the “Search”

    Verification of Voter ID

Voter ID Card correction in Electoral Roll

If you have entered any of the details wrongly in the form or you want to change and update any details in Voter Id application form then you can rectify it by highlighting the corrections and by uploading the relevant documents on the National Voter Services Portal(NVSP) by following the given steps-

Online correction of voter ID

Or you can do it by visiting the nearest election office in person or sending it to Chief Election Officer. Once you submit the form ERO will take the necessary steps to update the corrections and your updated Voter ID card will be sent to you.

How can you Check your Voter ID Application Status

To track the status of new Voter ID Application you can follow these steps-

  • Step 1: Visit the National Voter Services Portal
  • Step 2: Click on the “Track application status” Application status check
  • Step 3: Enter the reference ID for your voter ID application that you have received on your email or SMS sent to you.

    Now you can see the status of your Voter ID application form. It involves four steps to be shown in this process-

    1. Submitted
    2. BLO Appointed
    3. Field verified
    4. Accepted or Rejected

    Highlighted steps are the completed ones and which are dull that are not completed yet.

Can a new Voter ID applicant get the Tracking status through SMS?

No, as of now the only method to check the voter ID application status is by visiting the NVSP website or by visiting the Election Commission of India official website of your state. So you can follow the above-explained method to check the Voter ID status of your application.

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What is age declaration form under Form 6 of Voter ID?

Age Declaration form can be found under the Annexure III of Form 6. Under this declaration is given by the applicant in respect of the registration in the electoral roll of a specific constituency. Applicants who are attaining the age of 18 years on the 1st January of the year with reference to the electoral roll is being revised or a person who is shifting his ordinary residence outside the constituency in which he is registered already, can fill the form 6 under voter ID. Format of Age Declaration Form looks like this-

You can download the form 6 from here.

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Annexure III

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