Why the calculation of Total Income (TI) important under the Income Tax Act?

A question might come up in your mind that Why it is important to know total income?? The need to understand the concept of total income becomes vital because it directly impacts your tax payments. Tax is calculated on total income or net income of a person and not on Gross Total Income. If the computation of Total Income is made wrong i.e. either it is calculated higher than actual income or lower, following consequences shall follow

  • In case TI has been calculated more than the actual amount. Then the tax would be calculated on such increased amount and you might end up paying higher taxes unnecessarily.
  • The other side is even more distressing. Computing lower Total Income and resultantly paying lower income tax will be an open invite for tax notices, penalties & prosecution.

How Total Income is computed?

Total Income can be computed by

The resultant amount is Total Income.
For better understanding, find below the tabular presentation of how to compute total income.

Particulars Amount
Rs. Rs.
1. Income from salaries  
Income from salary
Income by way of allowances
Taxable value of perquisites
Gross salary xxx  
Less: Deduction under Section 16  
Entertainment allowance
Professional tax
Income from salaries   xxxx
2. Income from house property  
Adjusted net annual value  
Less: Deduction under section 24
Income from house property   xxxx
3. Profit and gains of business or profession    
 Net profit as per profit and loss account xxx  
Add:Amounts which are debited to P&l a/c but are not allowed as a deduction under the act xxx  
Less: Expenditure which are not debited to P&L a/c but are allowed as a deduction under the act xxx  
Less: Income which are credited to P&L a/c but  are exempt under section 10 xxx  
Add: Income which are not credited to P&L a/c but are taxable under this head xxx  
Profit and gains of business or profession   xxxx
4. Capital Gains    
Amount of capital gains
Less: Amount exempt under sections 54, 54B,54D,54EC,54F, 54G, 54GA, 54GB, and 54H
xxx xxx
Income from Capital Gains   xxxx
5. Income from other sources    
Gross income
Less: Deduction under section 57
Income from other sources   xxxx
Total [i.e., (1) +(2) +(3) +(4) +(5)]   xxxx
Less: Adjustment on account of set-off and carry forward of losses   xxx
Gross total income   xxxx
Total Income or Net income   XXXX

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