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Jurisdiction free online assessment : Now no more visits to IT dept.

Updated on: 10 Aug, 2023 12:09 PM

Received a scrutiny notice? Then the next image coming to your mind must be of an Income Tax Office. Where you might have to go again and again and wait for long hours to meet the IT Officials.

Well, not anymore:)!

Income Tax department has launched the jurisdiction free e-tax assessment of scrutiny cases.The system will be implemented in a phased manner across India.

What is Jurisdiction Free E-tax Assessment?

It means you can give the online response to the scrutiny notice at your convenience i.e. 365*24*7. It will enable you to save your time, energy and cost. Now, no more physical interactions with assessing officer (AO) rather an internet-based paperless communication system is initiated. You can easily submit the response with the proper attachments through the E-Proceeding facility from your account in the ‘e-filing’ website of Income Tax Department. After the submission of response, if any further information is required then a request will be send by IT Official online and you can revert to the same. In simple words, along with the ITRs, the scrutiny system has also been digitalized now.

Additionally, under this new scheme, the software has been integrated in such a manner that your profile will be allocated to any officer across the country. Which means neither the taxpayer nor the assessing officer would know each other’s identity. However, currently taxpayers are assessed only at the place where they are based.

What is the Objective behind this New System?

The main aim of this jurisdiction-free assessment system is to reduce corruption. That means now one would not be able to bribe the IT officials and this move will lead to corruption free department. Moreover, the culture of minimum interaction between the taxpayer and the tax officer will reduce the harassment faced by the assessees to a great extent.

How is this System Beneficial for you?

This scheme would be highly beneficial to all the loyal and honest taxpayers like you.In specified cases, the system of calling the assessee to appear in front of AO will no longer be in existence.Therefore, it would promote a transparent & harassment free culture.

Wonderful! Isn’t it!

Also, if you have proper explanation of your case then you will be at advantage. Reason being now you will just have to submit their response online at your convenience. And, if the explanation is found proper by the IT officials, then your case will be closed without going anywhere.

To Conclude

This move of income tax department is highly appreciable. Initially, it may give short term pain which happens in implementation of every new system but it will surely reap fruits in long run. Hope in the coming years, income tax department will become completely transparent for taxpayers thereby saving energy, time and cost.

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CA Abhishek Soni
CA Abhishek Soni

Abhishek Soni is a Chartered Accountant by profession & entrepreneur by passion. He is the co-founder & CEO of Tax2win is amongst the top 25 emerging startups of Asia and authorized ERI by the Income Tax Department. In the past, he worked in EY and comes with wide industry experience from telecom, retail to manufacturing to entertainment where he has handled various national and international assignments.