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7th Pay Commission- Pay Scales

Updated on: 10 Aug, 2023 02:55 PM

Proposed Pay Scale for different Central government employees and Defence employees under 7th Pay Commission

Under new pay scale proposed by 7th pay commission, all the central government employees’ salaries will get a 23% hike. The main agenda of the 7th pay commission is to review the 6th CPC reports and submit a revised report to the government, proposing the changes in existing pay scale and allowance for the government and defence officials. So here we have described the revised pay scales for employees working in different fields-

Proposed Pay Scale for Air Force employees

Indian Air Force is air arm wing of the Indian armed forces. It works under the command of Marshal of IAF, but President of the country holds the supreme command of the IAF. At present there are nearly 1.4 Lakh active personals in IAF. With the implementation of 7th pay commission, salaries of the IAF officials will get a hike.

Ranks Of IAF officers Basic Pay (7th CPC) MSP
Flying Officer Rs.56,100 Rs.15,500
Flight Lieutenant Rs.61,300 Rs.15,500
Squadron Leader Rs.69,400 Rs.15,500
Wing Commander Rs.1,16,700 Rs.15,500
Group Captain Rs.1,25,700 Rs.15,500
Air Commodore Rs.1,34,400 Rs.15,500
Air Vice Marshal Rs.1,44,200 _NA
Air Marshal HAG Scale Rs.1,82,200 _NA
Air Marshal APEX Scale Rs.2,05,400 _NA
Air Chief Marshal Rs.2,50,000 _NA

A new recruit in IAF will get a basic pay of Rs.56,100 and Military service pay of Rs.15,500. A proud feeling of serving the nation along with a huge paycheck. In addition to all this IAF officers enjoy different allowances like HRA, DA( Dearness Allowance) , Flying Allowance, Kit Maintenance amount.

They also enjoy the perks like higher pensions, free quality medical services, educational concessions and low interest rates on loans.

Proposed Pay Scale for Defense and Army officials

By 6th pay commission salaries and allowances of army officials increased a lot. And a good news for the army officials is that 7th pay commission made significant recommendations that will give a hike in the salaries and allowance for the officials.

The proposed grade pay and salaries for the army officials depending on their ranks

Rank /Post Ranking Level Pay or Salary
Lieutenant Level 10 Rs.56,100- Rs.1,77,500
Captain Level 10B Rs.61,300- Rs.1,93,900
Major Level 11 Rs.69400- Rs.2,07,200
Lieutenant Colonel Level 12A Rs.1,21,200- Rs.2,21400
Colonel Level 13 Rs.1,30,600- Rs.2,15,900
Brigadier Level 13A Rs.1,39,600- Rs.2,17,600
Major General Level 14 Rs.1,44,200- Rs.2,18,200
Lieutenant General HAG Scale Level 15 Rs.1,82,200- Rs.2,24,100
HAG + Scale Level 16 Rs.2,05,400-Rs.2,24,400
Lieutenant General (NFSG)/VCOAS/Army Cdr Level 17 Rs.2,25,000/-
COAS Level 18 Rs.2,50,000/-

Army officials gets MSP, allowances and other benefits such as

Military Service Pay (MSP) to the officers ranking from Lieutenant to Brigadier will get an MSP of Rs.15,500 every month. Lower officials will get an MSP of Rs.6,000.

Dearness Allowance, kit allowance and newly proposed dress Allowance will be around Rs.30,000 and so on depending on the ranking and levels.

Proposed Pay Scale for Navy Officials

Indian Navy is the naval wing of the Indian armed forces, under the supreme command of President of India. At present, there are nearly 68 thousand active navy personals in service under the command of Chief of Naval staff and his subordinates Vice Admirals.

By the new recommendation suggested by 7th pay commission salaries and allowance given will get a hike. The proposed salaries as per levels and ranks are as follows-

Rank /Post Ranking Level Pay or Salary
Sub-Lieutenant Level 10 Rs.56,100- Rs.1,77,500
Lieutenant Level 10B Rs.61,300- Rs.1,93,900
Lieutenant Commander Level 11 Rs.69400- Rs.2,07,200
Commander Level 12A Rs.1,21,200- Rs.2,21400
Captain Level 13 Rs.1,30,600- Rs.2,15,900
Commodore Level 13A Rs.1,39,600- Rs.2,17,600
Rear Admiral Level 14 Rs.1,44,200- Rs.2,18,200
Vice Admiral HAG Scale Level 15 Rs.1,82,200- Rs.2,24,100
HAG + Scale Level 16 Rs.2,05,400-Rs.2,24,400
VCNS/Navy Cdr/Vice Admiral (NFSG) Level 17 Rs.2,25,000/-
CNS Level 18 Rs.2,50,000/-

The hike in basic pay is very good sign for the Navy officials. But the good news doesn't ends here. Other than basic pay hike, increase in MSP upto Rs.15,500 from level 10 and above officials.

DA, Kit Maintenance and deep sea allowances specially for officials who work in the submarines.

Proposed Pay Scale for Civil services employees

It is known that Civil Services jobs are treated as dream jobs and as a status of pride in the society. Every year lakhs of UPSC aspirants appear for the exam, but only few people cracks it and get a chance to serve the country as a government official. There are different services under civil services. i.e. IAS(Indian Administrative Services), IPS(Indian Police Service),IFS(Indian Foreign Service), IRS (Indian Revenue Services), IES (Indian Engineering Services).

By the recommendations of the 7th CPC the salaries of the officials working under these services will get an increment.

IAS officer

The salaries for the IAS officers will triple the amount of previous salaries if 7th pay commission recommendations are implemented. The pay scale will increase to Rs.29,900 -Rs.1,04,400 per month. The grade Pay will be changed from Rs.5,400 to Rs.16,200 per month.

Other than this some of the other perks and allowances enjoyed by the IAS Officers are-

  • House Rental Allowance, Dearness Allowance, Travel Allowance.
  • Free Accomodation,Water bills, Phone and electricity bills.
  • Employee Provident Fund Organisation Services.

IPS officers

Indian police service is one of the most respected services in India. It gives great power to the officer in command along with big responsibilities. They have to keep the law and order in check every day. By the 7th CPC the officers get a pay cheque according to the current position they are holding.

Time Scale Pay Band Grade Pay
Junior Time Scale Rs.15,600 -Rs.39,600 Rs.5,400
Senior Time Scale Rs.15,600 -Rs.39,600 Rs.6,600
Super Time Scale(I) Rs.37,400 -Rs.67,400 Rs.8.900
Super Time Scale(II) Rs..37,400 -Rs.67,400 Rs.10,000

Other than increase in the pay band and grade pay, they also get DA, HRA, travel allowances, electricity bill allowances,water bills and free accommodations.

IRS Officers

Indian revenue services include Income tax department. Headed by principal chief commissioner of IT department. The basic pay of the entry-level employee is fixed under 7th CPC, based on the increase in Pay scale and Grade Pay.

The Pay Scale of IRS officers is according to their rankings and post they hold.

Designation/Post Pay Scale Grade Pay (Per Month)
Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax Department Rs.15,600 – Rs.39,000 Rs.1400
Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax Department Rs.15,600 – Rs.39,000 Rs.6,600
Additional commissioner of Income Tax Department Rs.37,400 – Rs.67,000 Rs.8,700
Commissioner of Income Tax Department Rs.37,400 – Rs.67,000 Rs.10,000
Principal Commissioner of Income Tax Department Rs.75,000 – Rs.80,000 NA
Chief commissioner of Income Tax Department Rs.75,000 – Rs.80,000 NA
Principal Chief commissioner of Income Tax Department Rs.80,000 Fixed NA

The role IRS officer is very important in present situation. Many individuals are reluctant to pay taxes. When a person doesn't pay his or her taxes, the unaccounted amount will become black money. Black money indirectly leads to inflation and unemployment. When the taxes are paid regularly on time, it will be helpful in allocation more funds for the infrastructural development.

Pay scale for Judges and Lawyers


You will be wondered to know that we have only 19 judges for every 10 Lakh people in India at present. And nearly 3 crores of pending cases across the country. It is stated by one of the recent report that India need nearly 70000 judges as soon as possible .If not, we will face a judiciary crisis. Keeping that in mind to fill the post 7th Pay commission has tripled the basic salary of the judges from civil, district to high courts. More importantly the salaries of supreme court judges.

  • The District court Judges will get a hike of 2.57 times the present salary.
  • The High court judges will get a salary upto Rs.2.25 Lakhs as per 7th pay commission.
  • Supreme court judges will get a salary upto Rs.2.50 Lakhs as per the 7th pay commission.
  • The Chief Justice of India may get upto Rs.2.80 Lakhs as per new sources.
  • Other than the hike in salary judges will many perks and allowances, such as HRA, DA, TA, Pension, Phone and electricity bills,education allowance for the children’s.

It will be a great career opportunity for the present generation to get into the judiciary system and serve the nation along with enjoying the pay cheques and allowances.


To keep the law and order in track, Lawyers play a great role directly and indirectly in the society. There are nearly 3 crore pending case in India combining civil, criminal, corporate and family cases.

As per the 7th pay commission, the salaries of the Lawyers will be hiked.The 7th CPC will abolish the grade pay system and increase the basic salary of the Lawyers across the country.

The salaries are likely to be tripled with respect to present pay.

Pay Scale for Railways employees

Indian Railways System is the biggest employer in the country. And 8th largest employment provider in the world. It gives employment upto 14 lakhs people directly and 5 lakhs employment opportunities indirectly. It is headed by the chairman of Indian Railways Board after Railway minister.

As per the 7th pay commission, the increase in railway employees salaries will give a boost to the economy indirectly by the multiplier effect. Increase in salaries are according to the pay band fall under, pay scale and grade pay.

Post (Pay Band) Pay Scale (Per Month) Grade Pay
Pay Band 1 Rs.15,600-Rs.50,500 Rs.5,400-Rs.8,400
Pay Band 2 Rs.23,250 – Rs. 87,000 Rs.12,600 – Rs.14,400
Pay Band 3 Rs.39,000 -Rs.97,750 Rs. 16,200 -Rs. 22,800
Pay Band 4 Rs.93,500 – Rs.1,67,500 Rs. 26,100 – Rs.30,000

Apart from the hike of salaries the there are different allowance will be enjoyed by the employees.

  • Dearness Allowance, Transport Allowance, Accident allowance
  • Night shift allowance, special allowance for the working women.

The total salary of the railway employees can be calculated using

Basic Pay + Grade Pay + DA + HRA + TA + other specials allowance – Income Tax = Total salary.

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CA Abhishek Soni
CA Abhishek Soni

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