How to check EPF passbook online?

To view the passbook, it is important that you are registered at the EPFO portal and your UAN activation is done. UAN or Universal Account Number is a 12 digit unique number allotted to all the pf account holders. It ensures one-stop management of different pf accounts that would have ever been opened in your name. UAN once issued is valid for lifetime. You can access your passbook after six hours of registration by using your

  • User ID (UAN number) and
  • Password

Although, some members like inoperative members, settled members, and exempted establishments members are not allowed to avail of this facility to check pf uan balance online. Others can follow the steps to view the PF passbook online.

Reasons which might cause rejection of URN update

More often than not, Aadhaar or URN update requests are completed without any hassle. However, sometimes in a few cases, it might get rejected and that means that the applicant will have to apply for the same all over again. The reason for the rejection of request is presented to you by UIDAI. Often the following cases are the primary reasons for rejection-

  • The documents provided have been insufficient or not verified properly by the owner.
  • The details entered have been incorrect.
  • The documents provided might not have been self-attested by the applicant.
  • There might also be some typographical or syntax errors in the form submitted for updating information.

Such a scenario may come up unexpectedly and one need not panic for it. It’s very easy to resubmit the attested documents and apply for the same again via the online or offline process. One must make sure to rectify any possible errors in the details provided or any error in the form. One can also visit the nearest Aadhaar enrolment centre to enquire about the problem and get personal assistance.


Aadhaar is a basic right for every citizen of India and anyone can have it by multiple means and channels. Online processes are comparatively easy because of rapid digitization and because of instant availability of the official UIDAI portal on the internet. The offline process is to go by the post which may take time but are also reliable. Under any circumstances, one can use their personal details to get all their Aadhaar details. One must try to keep in handy their URN enrolment number and acknowledgement slip for easy access to their information. Even otherwise, the process has been made easy and convenient by following a few extra steps. Therefore, it has been made sure that under any circumstances, any Indian citizen can easily access their Aadhaar and the right to update it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How do I get my Update Request Number?

You will have to go to the Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal website and request for an Aadhaar update. You shall be required to upload all the official, original documents required to verify your desired correction. Once you have uploaded all the correct documents, you shall be provided with your Update Request Number in a special acknowledgment slip. You should save this number or take a screenshot of the same to be able to track the update. You can use this number to track your status online through the website and offline as well through the telephonic medium. The too free number 1947 connects you to the IVR helpline wherein you can track the progress of your Aadhar update.

Q- Where to track the URN?

The Unique Identification Authority of India or the UIDAI has its own website. You need to visit this site and click on the link that shall guide you to the Aadhaar Update Status section. Here you must insert your Update Request Number or the URN as specified in your acknowledgment slip. Many a times, people face trouble in checking the status despite uploading the correct details. It is essential that you insert the details in the designated format. For example, if your URN is ZZZZ/XXXXX/YYYYY, you must insert the details without the slashes in between and also insert the correct Captcha. You can also track the URN by email, fax and telephone however, these mediums may take longer in letting you know about the status of your Aadhaar update. The UIDAI website has all the information regarding the necessary helpline numbers and emails to contact in case the need arises.

Q- Can I get an URN offline?

You can also get your Update Request Number offline by Post. If you don’t have internet services in your area, you must get down to the nearest Aadhaar center and get your Aadhaar Update Form. You shall have to carefully insert the required details. You must add attested copies of all the documents required to get the desired update and check with your Aadhaar centre to post it to the closest authority. The details can be sent to any of the below mentioned addresses as well-

UIDAI Post Box No. 10, Chhindwara M.P. -480 001
UIDAI Post Box No. 99, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad- 34

Q- What is Aadhaar SRN?

The Aadhaar SRN is your Service Request Number and is different from your Update Request Number. This is also an automatically generated number but it is a different number that enables you to track the process for an Aadhaar card reprint request. This is in case you have lost your original Aadhaar Card and need another one, it will help you get a new Aadhaar card with the same details as below online the URN that helps you track the status of an updated Aadhaar card. You can get your SRN after you apply for an Address Validation Letter on the Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal.

Q- How to check URN status on call?

For quick updates, the government has also provided the option of checking your URN Aadhaar Update Status on telephonic calls. Upon dialling the UIDAI’S toll free number 1947, you will be directed to an Interactive Voice Response mechanism which shall update you with your status. This method is viable because it can also help you track your status if you have forgotten your URN. This service is available in several languages and thus you can choose to communicate in comfort. The service has several options that enable you to check whether or not you have enrolled with Aadhaar and to track the status of your Aadhaar by choosing to dial the number that the operator suggests you depending upon your request.

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