HSN Code & GST Rate for Non edible animal products - Chapter 5

Rates (%)Products DescriptionHSN CodesExport and Import HSN Codes
NILHuman hair, unworked, whether or not washed or scoured; waste of human hair050105010010, 05010020
5%Pigs’, hogs’ or boars’ bristles and hair; badger hair and other brush making hair; waste of such bristles or hair.050205021010, 05021020, 05029010, 05029020, 05029090
5%Guts, bladders and stomachs of animals (other than fish), whole and pieces thereof, fresh, chilled, frozen, salted, in brine, dried or smoked 050405040010, 05040020, 05040031, 05040039, 05040041, 05040049, 05040051, 05040059
5%Skins and other parts of birds, with their feathers or down, feathers and parts of feathers (whether or not with trimmed edges) and down, not further worked than cleaned, disinfected or treated for preservation; powder and waste of feathers or parts of feathers050505051010, 05051090, 05059010, 05059021, 05059029, 05059031, 05059039, 05059091, 05059099
NILAll goods i.e. Bones and horn-cores, unworked, defatted, simply prepared (but not cut to shape), treated with acid or gelatinised; powder and waste of these products050605061011, 05061019, 05061021, 05061029, 05061031, 05061039, 05061041, 05061049, 05069011, 05069019, 05069091, 05069099
5%Ivory, tortoise-shell, whalebone and whalebone hair, horns, unworked or simply prepared but not cut to shape; powder and waste of these products. [Except 050790]050705071010, 05071020, 05079010, 05079020, 05079030, 05079040, 05079050, 05079060, 05079070, 05079090
NILAll goods i.e. Hoof meal; horn meal; hooves, claws, nails and beaks; antlers; etc.050790No Export and Import HSN Codes Prescribed
5%Coral and similar materials, unworked or simply prepared but not otherwise worked; shells of molluscs, crustaceans or echinoderms and cuttlebone, unworked or simply prepared but not cut to shape, powder and waste thereof.050805080010, 05080020, 05080030, 05080040, 05080050, 05080090
5%Ambergris, castoreum, civet and musk; cantharides; bile, whether or not dried; glands and other animal products used in the preparation of pharmaceutical products, fresh, chilled, frozen or otherwise provisionally preserved.051005100010, 05100020, 05100030, 05100091, 05100099
5%Animal products not elsewhere specified or included; dead animals of Chapter 1 or 3, unfit for human consumption, other than semen including frozen semen.051105111000, 05119110, 05119120, 05119130, 05119190, 05119911, 05119919, 05119921, 05119929, 05119991, 05119992, 05119999
NILSemen including frozen semen051105111000, 05119110, 05119120, 05119130, 05119190, 05119911, 05119919, 05119921, 05119929, 05119991, 05119992, 05119999


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