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Difference between Form 16, Form 16A, Form 16B and Form 16C

Updated on: 16 Jan, 2024 05:49 PM

Many times people get confused that form 16 part A and Form 16A or form 16 part B and Form 16B are the same. However, these forms are completely different . Form 16 document is one of the most important tax documents for both salaried employees and employers. It has two Parts Part A & Part B Whereas Form 16A, Form 16B and Form 16C are altogether different forms, these are certificates of tax deducted on various specified non-salary transactions.
Let us understand this in the below guide,

What is Form 16?

Form 16 is an important document that is issued in accordance with the provisions of the Income Tax Act,1961. It is an acknowledgement certificate that states your income from a particular employer which has been accrued during the last Financial year and Tax deducted upon it (if any). So, it serves the purpose of an income certificate and TDS certificate issued to salaried individuals from their employer.
Form 16 contains two parts, Part A has details of the amount of tax deducted at source (TDS) on salary by employer while Part B has details of the salary breakup for the financial year.

To get a complete understanding of Form 16 (Both part A & Part B), click here.

What is Form 16B?

Form 16B is a certificate of tax deducted on purchase of property, TDS under section 194IA is required to be deducted when a person buys an immovable property for consideration greater than 50lakhs of rupees. In such a case buyer will be required to deduct the TDS of the seller and file form 26QB, after filing 26QB, form 16B will be generated which serves the basic purpose of the TDS certificate depicting the basic details of the buyer and seller of property and consideration and amount of TDS deduction.

Traces facilitates the buyer of immovable property to download Form 16B after registering on TRACES as a taxpayer. The buyer of the property would be required to issue Form 16B to the Seller of the property in respect of the TDS deducted and deposited with the government.? Users can register on the basis of "PAN"

  • Taxpayer logs in to TRACES.
  • Go to Downloads tab
  • Select Form 16B
  • Enter the details and click on go

What is Form 16C?

Form 16C is a Certificate under section 203 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 for tax deducted at the source which is issued by Individual or HUF on payment of Rent under section 194IB.
This certificate i.e., Form 16C is required to be issued to the payee when TDS u/s 194-IB is deducted. It acts as proof for the payee that TDS has been deposited on his behalf to the government. It is important to note that; a person who is deducting TDS needs to issue this form within 15 days from the date of the filing of challan (Form 26QC).

To get a complete understanding of 194IB refers to our guide on the same, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q Which amount should I take while filing ITR, Form 16/16A/16B/16C?

All the forms are required while filing ITR, generally, it happens rarely that all forms are present for an assessee. However, all these forms are nothing but Income certificates and TDS certificates of tax deducted by the other party on their behalf. Taxpayers must take into account all these forms while his ITR.

Q I am unable to download Form 16 /16A as the number of PANs for which Form 16/16A were submitted was higher, however, the PDFs generated were fewer. What should I do?

You are required to verify PAN no. submitted by you. The PAN no. filed may be wrong or inactive.

Q How to verify the authenticity of Form 16/16A/16B/16C online?

You can verify it with Form 26AS as Form 26S contains all the taxes paid by you directly or indirectly.

Q How can I get my Form 16A/16B/16C?

You can demand your form 16A/B/C from the agency/person who has deducted your TDS. Like banks, financial institutions, contractors, buyers of property etc.