Form 26AS

Form 26AS is a statement maintained and generated by the Income Tax Department for each individual assessee (person). Income Tax Form 26AS is also known as an annual statement which contains all tax-related information of a taxpayer. The details give a clearer picture of the tax commitments of a taxpayer. It is associated with PAN. Form 26AS income tax contains 

  1. Details of tax deducted from your income by deductors (TDS).
  2. Details of tax collected by collectors (TCS).
  3. Advance tax paid by the taxpayer.
  4. Self-assessment tax payments.
  5. Regular assessment tax deposited by the taxpayers (PAN holders).
  6. Details of the refund received by you during the financial year.
  7. Details of the High-value Transactions in respect of shares, mutual funds, etc.
  8. Interest received from banks & others without deducting any TDS as the declaration is provided such as Form 15G / H in respect of low/no deduction.

What are the new Form 26AS Income Tax additions?

  1. Foreign remittance information reported in Form 15CC
  2. Information from the Annexure-II of the last quarter's Form 24Q related to TDS on salary
  3. Information from other taxpayers' ITRs.
  4. Interest on a refund of income tax.
  5. Information on Form 61/61A that could be used to populate the PAN.
  6. Depository/Registrar and Transfer Agent report off-market transactions.
  7. The Registrar and Transfer Agent report information on mutual fund dividends.
  8. The Registrar and Transfer Agent report information regarding mutual fund purchases (RTA). 

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