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Visa Card

What is a Visa card?

Visa cards are payment cards that work on the Visa network and have the Visa logo on them. They are not issued by Visa itself but by various financial institutions that partner with Visa. Visa cards can be credit, debit, prepaid, or gift cards.

Types of Visa Card

Visa Classic Credit Card - 

Access smooth customer care assistance globally with Visa help support. Enjoy emergency card replacement for lost or stolen Visa Classic credit cards. Qualify for cash advances, allowing withdrawals from over 1.9 million ATMs in 200+ countries where Visa cards are accepted. Note that cash withdrawals incur high-interest rates (48-60% p.a.) and additional fees, so caution is advised. Additionally, earn various rewards for dining, shopping, and travel expenses when using this card.

Visa Platinum Credit Card

Enjoy 24/7 customer care support from Visa for services like reporting lost cards, blocking, replacement, and emergency cash. Globally accepted, these cards eliminate shopping location worries. Benefit from a vast global ATM network with Visa Platinum Credit cards. Earn rewards, discounts, and privileges with transactions. Access 24/7 service from Visa Platinum Concierge, simplifying travel planning, ticket purchases, and gifting experiences.

Visa Signature Credit Card

These globally accepted cards offer 24/7 customer support, access to a vast ATM network, and various travel benefits such as emergency services, airport lounge access, and more. They also provide medical and legal assistance, along with the Visa Signature Concierge facility for streamlined and rewarding transactions.


Visa Infinite Credit Card

Accepted worldwide, these cards allow cash withdrawals from a vast ATM network. They provide nearly all the benefits of a signature card, offering improved discounts and shorter waiting periods. Enjoy exclusive facilities such as return protection, purchase security, travel accident, and trip cancellation insurance, along with unique deals not accessible to other Visa credit card holders. Additionally, get unparalleled service with maximum benefits.

How it Works?

Visa cards are accepted by merchants and businesses in more than 200 countries across the world. The customer’s financial condition and credit profile are analyzed along with the credit score and credit. Based on this information, the customer’s credit card limit and borrowing limit are set. Visa cards have a unique 16-digit printed on the card and also consist of a microchip that is used to store information.