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What is a Stock Screener?

Investors use a set of tools (Stock Screener) to filter thousands of stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) based on their own criteria. Stock screeners are usually free tools on brokerage trading platforms, but some have also paid subscriptions. Stock screeners help investors find stocks or ETFs that match their investing strategy (for long-term traders) or trading opportunities (for short-term traders).

Examples of stock screener

A stock screener has many categories to view, both technical and fundamental. Before using it, decide which one you prefer. Think about your goals, preferences, and instruments. Then explore the screener's features.

For short-term traders, there are many technical tools: charts, alerts, momentum, RSI, and other studies. You can set alerts for price levels or RSI signals of a specific stock or ETF.

For long-term investors, there is a lot of fundamental data (or technical data), such as EPS, volume, market cap, and more. This data can help you build a portfolio with a long-term perspective on the company.