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What is Fastag?

The NPCI  (National Payments Corporation of India) initiated the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) system to make toll payments more convenient and cashless for vehicle drivers. With the NETC system, you no longer need to wait in long queues at toll booths. Instead, it relies on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, which is facilitated by a device known as FASTag.

Once you acquire a FASTag, you simply need to attach it to your vehicle's windshield. As your vehicle approaches an Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) lane at a Toll Plaza, the system scans the unique tag ID, allowing for a hassle-free toll payment experience.


How does Fastag work?

Here is how Fastag works:

  • FASTag is connected to the user's prepaid account.

  • It's affixed to the vehicle's windshield.

  • RFID technology is utilized to deduct toll charges from the linked prepaid account (like a Paytm wallet).

  • The process allows vehicles to pass through toll gates without stopping.

  • The toll amount is automatically deducted as the vehicle passes through.

  • The prepaid FASTag account is debited for the transaction, enhancing the convenience and comfort of the driver’s travel.


Advantages of using Fastag

  • Improved highway management and reduced toll plaza management efforts.

  • Convenient transaction tracking with regular SMS alerts for every transaction.

  • Simple account recharge options, including Cash, Cheque, Credit Card/Debit Card, NEFT/RTGS, or Net banking.

  • Eco-friendly approach, reducing pollution and paper usage.

  • Facilitates hassle-free toll-fare payments through digital transactions.

  • Reloadable tag with user-friendly operation.

  • Elimination of toll plaza queues.

  • Online customer portal available.

  • Decreased congestion and waiting times at toll plazas.

  • Reduction in air pollution caused by toll plaza congestion.

  • Establishes a secure, interoperable framework applicable nationwide.

  • Saves both travel time and fuel consumption.