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Corporate Finance

What is corporate finance?

Corporate finance's main goal is to enhance a firm's worth by managing and allocating its financial resources efficiently and effectively. Corporate finance involves the strategies and methods a company uses to fund its operations and growth and the tools and analysis that help it balance risk and profitability in its decisions.


How does corporate finance work?

The main objective of corporate finance is to increase the financial health and value of a company and its shareholders. The functions under this finance branch are responsible for managing the financial activities of a company. They make important decisions about how to budget, invest, and allocate capital for the organization.

For instance, in a company that invests in real estate, the function calculates how much capital is needed to buy assets. They also look for efficient sources of capital to fund asset purchases using appropriate methods. These decisions affect the capital structure of the organization, i.e., whether to use debt or equity or a mix of both to finance the operations. Another aspect of this segment is to ensure optimal management of working capital.

Decisions about how much profit to keep or distribute among the shareholders are also a vital part. All these crucial decisions aim to maximize profits. I.e., corporate finance jobs are very popular, and many institutes offer courses to develop the necessary skills. Sometimes, people might confuse corporate finance and corporate accounting. However, the main difference between them is that the finance team focuses on designing, planning, directing, and implementing the financial strategies of an organization. They mainly provide a plan for future performance.

On the other hand, the accounting domain usually focuses on analyzing, recording, summarizing, and reporting on the finances of the business. That is, it measures past performance