Salary Income

Income from Salary/Pension

Did you earn any income from Salary or Pension? You can simply upload your Form 16 and we shall prepare your ITR automatically or you can fill the details manually like deductions, TDS etc.

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Business Income

Income from Business/Profession

Select if: (a) You own a small business or (b) You are a contractor or
(c) You earn as Freelancer.

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House Property Income

Income from House Property or Home Loan

Do you own a house & Earn Rent? Fill in details of your House Property incomes here. Further, do you have a Home Loan? You can claim deduction on interest of your home loan.

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Other Sources Income

Income from Other Sources

Selects this if you have any of these incomes - you have received gifts or interest on Fixed deposits or interest from PPF, Dividend Income or income from Mutual Funds etc.

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Capital Gains Income

Income from Capital Gains

Have you sold any shares or property in the last year? Then you can opt for our CA Assisted Plans. Our expert CAs will not only file your return, but go the extra miles to ensure maximum tax saving and deduction while computing capital gains.

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Foreign Income Income

Income from Foreign Source

Did you receive any income from a Foreign Source? Then you can opt for our CA Assisted Plans. Our Expert CAs who have years of expertise in foreign taxation and tax treaties ensures that your return filing is smooth and hassle free.

Select your Sources of Income

(Do you have any income as below)

Q1.Income from Salary/Pension?

Q2.Income from Business/Profession?

Q3.Income from House Property or Home Loan?

Q4.Income from Other Sources?

Q5.Income from Capital Gains?

Q6.Income from Foreign Source ?